Jai Courtney, ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ Star, Makes Candid Admission

New 'Die Hard' Trailer
Check out a clip from the fifth film in the action franchise.
A Good Day To Die Hard is the fifth movie in the Die Hard franchise — the only one to survive the 1980s and continue through the next three decades.

Originally predicated on the appeal of an everyman hero fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds, it has since evolved into a sort of celebration of superhero invulnerability – which co-star Jai Courtney says is integral to being a part of the franchise.

“The films of the past have set up certain conventions it’s important to stay true to,” he tells Celebuzz. “That balance, finding the humor within it, the wisecracking John McClane one-liners and all of that stuff. Kind of push the envelope a little with what’s believable and what’s not.”

In A Good Day To Die Hard, Courtney effectively takes the reins of the series from longtime star Bruce Willis, playing John McClane’s son Jack. What the two of them shared that made them suitable relatives, Courtney’s not sure, but he says that the relationship evolved naturally after he was cast in the role.

“Perhaps I arrived with something already that was convincing enough for them to cast me in the role,” he says. “It was quite organic – it was not something I planned meticulously.”

Having survived the experience of co-starring in a massive action movie, Courtney says he’s eager to take on more roles that present him with physical challenges, but he doesn’t want to become an action hero per se.

“I hope to continue that trend, but I’m very interested in branching out and maintaining some kind of level of diversity and versatility as an actor,” he says. “I want to explore different genres and different filmmaking styles.”

A Good Day To Die Hard opens in theaters nationwide on February 15. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Courtney, and then let us know in the comments section below – do you think he has the stuff to be the next big Hollywood star?

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