Watch: How Did Sofia Vergara Get Engaged And Almost Arrested In The Same Day?

The "Modern Family" star recounts the experience for the confused host.

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The story of Sophia Vergara’s 40th birthday/engagement/near arrest story (as captured by her son on-camera) could be terribly complicated, but really it’s a simple story. But, Ellen DeGeneres looks a bit perplexed when Vergara recounts the story on Thursday’s episode.

The Modern Family star celebrated her birthday with friends and family at the Chichén-Itzá pyramids in Mexico last July. That’s where longtime boyfriend Nick Loeb decided to pop the marriage question – at the top of one of the ancient pyramids.

This is where things went a bit awry as it’s illegal to climb the man-built wonders. Simple, right?

“I swear to God he said he had gotten permission to go up there,” the curvy Colombian insisted.

Yet even with the help of visuals, DeGeneres is having a hard time following.

“You look at me like you don't understand?” Vergara tells the host.

“This is how I always look at you,” Ellen replies.

Watch the funny video above.

And below, watch our interview with Vergara about her new movie, Escape From Planet Earth.

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