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You already know this week’s big stories — the Grammys happened, the Pope quit and Lady Gaga canceled her tour — and the Internet responded with irreverent yet hilarious commentary. (Please never change.)

Celebuzz scoured the web to collect some of these funniest pop culture gifs and videos the week had to offer.

Once you’ve perused our entire collection below, please leave a link to your favorite celebrity memes in the comments. We will share some of the best submissions in next week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup post.

See our favorite funny things after the jump.

ERMAHGERD, it’s Beyoncé!

(Image via ROFLrazzi)

We doubt she has time to take on this new job, though.

(Image via @hichrisryan)

Someone has to do it though, since Pope Benedict XVI is such a QUITTER:

(Image via Sapphire Yagami)

And some stuff happened at the Grammys too. For example, Chris Brown and Rihanna got all cuddly…

(Image via Reddit)

…and Katy Perry showed off her greatest assets to Ellen DeGeneres and everyone else:

(GIF via Katying)

It’s also Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air:

(Image via )

…and Kanye wants to share some of that love with you!

In sad news, Lady Gaga had to cancel her tour due to a hip injury and, of course, novelty Twitter account was made:

Lastly, the always-wonderful Between Two Ferns returned and blessed us with this glorious exchange between Jennifer Lawrence and Zach Galifianakis:

That’s all we have for you this week. Remember to leave links to your favorite memes, videos, and gifs in the comments so that we may feature them in the future.

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