What’s The Perfect Silver Screen Love Potion?

'Safe' Stars Speak
Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough discuss the romantic thriller.
Since Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn brought Message in a Bottle to the screen in 2000, author Nicholas Sparks has entertained audiences with his deeply romantic and often tragic tales of love found, lost and regained.

Thirteen years later, Sparks revisits his winning formula again with Safe Haven, the story of a troubled young woman who finds love while on the run from her mysterious past.

But even after successfully creating some of the last decade’s most iconic romances, including The Notebook, the writer says that he’s sure of only one thing when it comes to creating these indelible stories.

“Everybody falls in love,” Sparks tells Celebuzz. “How do you make that original and fresh to somebody? How do you do that new? It’s been done so many times before.”

Sparks admits that he still struggles to find the right way to combine new circumstances and timeless ideas when crafting his latest tome.

“I don’t know still that I’m perfectly comfortable doing it,” he says. “Whenever you’re trying to evoke genuine emotion, it is a tough thing to do, especially when you’re trying to evoke a variety of them.”

Although his work certainly deserves credit for connecting these films with their audiences, Sparks insists that it’s the people on screen who truly make them memorable and effective.

“The elements that have made these films work are the chemistry,” Sparks says. “I’ve had actors with great chemistry. Ryan [Gosling], Rachel [McAdams], Channing Tatum — I’ve had great casts, great directors.”

Safe Haven opens in theaters nationwide Feb. 14. Watch our exclusive interview with Sparks, and let us know in the comments — what do you love most about the writer’s love stories? And which is your favorite?

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