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  • deb

    Wow Kim your going to be sorry for gaining so much weight so early..this is from a mom of three who gained a lot. I had a very hard time losing it after even with diet and exercise. Thank God I did not have any stretch marks. So you better stop while you are ahead of the game. You have until July!!

  • heidrun

    The baby bumb looks nice..and you look good,being pregies, healthy.!!

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    please stop paying attention to these two arrongant heartless mfers nobody cares. the kid will be illegitament no matter what just because Kim's Divorce goes to trial in May doesn't mean it will be finalized before her supposed July Due Date. at this point the kid is only the size of a strawberry so she looks more bloated than pregnant

  • morensbaby

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