‘Beautiful Creatures’ Cast Reveals Their Fave Fantasy Franchises

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The Next 'Twilight'?
Are the 'Beautiful Creatures' stars the next KStew and RPattz?
Beautiful Creatures is the latest young adult book series to be adapted into what Hollywood hopes is its next great fantasy-romance franchise — complete with supernatural powers, star-crossed lovers and a showdown that determines the fates of people’s lives and loves.

But at the Los Angeles press day for the film, the cast offered a few of their favorite romantic stories, or supernatural franchises, that captured their hearts.

Viola Davis, who plays the “seer” Amma, tells Celebuzz that she was enchanted with Rich Man, Poor Man, and The Sound of Music. “I was always attracted to the forbidden love story,” she said. “But who doesn’t love a love story?”

Emmy Rossum, who plays the deliciously villainous Ridley, reveals that she was obsessed with Harry Potter.

“I was really into all of those books,” Rossum said. “I remember getting them the day they came out, and underlining stuff, and going back. I remember I was so excited when, a couple of years ago, as an adult, when I went to Harry Potter World and drank Butterbeer and thought it was so cool that it really existed.”

Alice Englert, who grew up in New Zealand, said that her country’s deep ties to fantasy entertainment inspired her to rebel against that sort of storytelling.

“I grew up with this genre so present in pop culture that actually it was rebelling against it that left an impression on me,” she explained. “So it was less part of that fantasy genre.

“Although I have to say my father read me The Hobbit when I was a kid, and I love that,” she added.

Beautiful Creatures opens in theaters nationwide Feb. 14.

Watch the Beautiful Creatures cast talk about their favorite fantasy romances in the video, above.

What’s your favorite fantasy romance that made it to the big screen? Tell us below.

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