Brooklyn Decker Recalls First Time She Kissed Husband Andy Roddick

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Supermodel Brooklyn Decker once admitted it took five months for her now-husband, former tennis pro Andy Roddick, to officially woo her.

So, what was it like when the two finally shared their first kiss?

“It was nice and innocent,” she told Celebuzz exclusively on Thursday, without giving too much away. “He’d kill me if I talked about it.”

The answer was revealed while Decker, age, was promoting Gillette’s Kiss + Tell campaign, in which the shaving company traveled the country to find out whether women liked their men clean or shaven.

“They found out that 85 percent of women actually prefer a clean shave,” Decker said.


“I was surprised about the 85 percent, because I actually thought that women really like the look of facial hair,” she continued. “I love the look of stubble or scruff. But again, it scratches me. It gives me a.) the beard burn and b.) little pimples [because of] the hair oils … It gets gross. Let’s be honest. [Laughs]”

As part of the campaign, Decker made a stop in New York on Thursday to help Gillette break two world records: one, for the largest shaving lesson; and two, for the most amount of kisses in one minute.

Watch the couples try to break the kissing records, she said, was quite the experience.

“It [happens] so fast that they sort of look like, for lack of a better words, dry-humping each other because they’re just banging their faces against one another,” she said. “It’s quite entertaining to watch.”

The only downside to the event is that it kept Decker from celebrating Valentine’s Day with Roddick, who retired from professional tennis last year. (It’s nice and relaxed now, which is really fun,” she said of her marriage since. “Andy’s having a very good time and he’s happy.)

But Decker says all is well, as she’s never been a big fan of the romantic holiday to begin with.

“Here’s the thing: I think it should be acknowledged. If you’re in an office, like, every single coworker is probably getting flowers, or a card or something,” she said. “I think it should be acknowledged. But I think something like a simple note is sufficient. I think if you need a day to celebrate love, then you’re probably not working hard enough the rest of the year. [Laughs]

“I’ve never been a big celebrator of it,” she added. “I’m usually with my girlfriends. I’ve actually never really celebrated it before. So it’s never been an important holiday for me.”

As for whether she personally prefers Roddick clean-shaven or scruffy, Decker admits she likes a little hair.

“I like it when he has a little bit of scruff, especially when we’re on opposite sides of the country because I can look at it and it looks cute, but we don’t have to kiss. Which is nice! [Laughs]” She said. “But every other week or so, he switches it up, which is like most guys, I think.”

“He actually prefers no facial hair.”