Eddie Cibrian, Look At What You're Missing (PHOTOS)

The controversial "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star strips down on a Los Angeles rooftop.


Eddie Cibrian may have to do a double take at these photos.

His ex Brandi Glanville recently stripped down for Australia's New Weekly magazine, donning a tiny hot pink bikini and gold stilettos.

Flaunting her toned tummy and sculpted legs, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posed for the steamy series of photos on top of a Los Angeles rooftop on Feb. 6. The images don't leave much to imagination.

Glanville visited the Celebuzz studio last month and revealed that she hasn't been looking for a famous suitor since finalizing her divorce from Cibrian -- who left her in 2009 for his now-wife LeAnn Rimes. “I’m really, really, really over that,” she insisted.

But she does have some hunks in mind that she wouldn't mind spending some time between the sheets with:

50 Cent, Zac Efron and Johnny Depp,” Glanville admitted. “I mean, but I don’t really want to date them. I just want to have sex with them.”

How do you think these fellas would feel about her recent rooftop shoot?

Launch the gallery above to see more of the sexy shots.

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  • Lisa

    WOW.......Eddie eat your cheating heart out you really messed up your life leaving a beauty like this for a celebrity and home wrecker LeAnn. You gave up a woman who clearly loved you, you left your two Sons stranded WONDERING where their Dad went and why, all for LeAnn? Stupid man you made the biggest mistake of your life. Brandi will be just fine and will find the love of her life when she's ready. Like they say Brandi, happiness is the best revenge so you keep at it sweetheart and ignore all the people who say you're vulgar...my friends and I think you're hysterical and you belong here on the East Coast where we all talk like that! You don't belong in Cali I used to live on the boardwalk in Newport for 7 years and finally came back home to Connecticut.....they have great schools too!

  • guest

    absolutely stunning, way to go, Brandi. she should be in Sports Illustrated.

  • v_dodds

    Glanville may have a great figure but once she opens her mouth and speaks, ugly.

  • JMG

    Brandi, way to go!