Is Taylor Swift Taking Another Jab At Harry Styles?

T-Swift playfully references the One Direction star in her upcoming music video.


Looks like Taylor Swift is trying to have the last laugh.

Months after their bitter breakup, the country songstress isn't letting ex Harry Styles forget about their former romance.

While filming the music video for her next single "22," T-Swift takes a few digs at the One Direction star, mocking everything from his wardrobe to their memorable moments as a couple.

"Leaving LA now after the best day with my friends. Almost forgot it was a video shoot. Can't wait for you guys to see it," she tweeted.

For the video, the 22-year-old sported a loose-fitted sweater, skinny jeans, ankle boots and an olive beanie — an ensemble quite similar to the 1D sensation's signature look.

And for those familiar with the song, the message isn't lost.

"It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters... And make fun of our exes," she sings in the opening verse of "22".

Taking the references one step further, Swift even parodied the moment where she and Styles recreated the Dirty Dancing at the start of their relationship in December. The pair were photographed carrying out the classic move from the 1987 film during 1D's after-party following their Madison Square Garden concert in New York City.

This isn't the first time Swift has publicly acknowledged the split. At the NRJ Music Awards, Swift performed her hit "We Are Never Ever (Getting Back Together) with Styles and his bandmates in attendance. Then, at the Grammy Awards, viewers couldn't help but pick up on her adopted British accent while opening the show.

Tell us what you think: Is Taylor taking things overboard, or is it fair game? Sound off in the comments, below.

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  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin

    Who cares! How many guys has Taylor gone through over the past few years?! It's as if it's a publicity game to her. She fly's under the country banner and yet, there's nothing country about her songs or her. Like I said...Who cares!

  • SsSs

    Stop overthinking everything and stop making everything so dramatic. maybe if the damn media stopped talking about it, she'd get over it. she's having fun with friends, not "taking a stab" at harry and 1d. get over yourselves.

  • XXXX


  • morensbaby

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  • whatever

    She's a pathetic young woman that needs some serious introspection. Stop acting like a 14 year old. Grow up, shut up and move on. Stop writing songs about your ex's. Find something meaningful instead. The truly ridiculous part of this whole thing is that the relationship was never real to begin with. Let it go. Oh, and I think a trip to Africa to help raise awareness for those in need trumps opening the Grammys. ijs

  • dude

    Give me a brake long are you going to milk this. Taylor has dressed like that before she ever met him. I wonder how lomg before we read a headline TAYLOR DRINKS A GLASS OF WATER JUST LIKE HARRY DOES IS SHE COPYING HIS STYLE? you are the ones who can't let go