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Happy Friday, Celebuzzers! It’s once again time for us to share a few of our favorite reader comments submitted during the last week. It’s our way of thanking you for all of your insightful, hilarious contributions to Celebuzz.

Each and every Friday, we’ll feature a roundup of our favorite reader comments. If you would like to be featured next week, simply leave comments on your favorite stories.

Read our favorite comments after the jump.

Here are some of our favorite reader comments of the week:

“…like a screendoor in a huricane….” – Spec9, who thinks Katy Perry was bangin’ at the Grammys.

“Kelly Osborne and Rihanna look classy and beautiful. John Mayer on the other hand looks like Willy Wonka…” – Jennah Blau, who just won the Golden Ticket!!!

“GILMORE GIRLS TAUGHT ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE! Rory Gilmore is the reason I know what journalism is and why I’m studying it. I ate Pop-Tarts for a good portion of my life and am a coffee addict because Lorelai Gilmore made it look cool. And Sooki St. James is one of the gems of the show. I’m so glad she’s receiving the fame she deserves. Also, I love Gilmore Girls.” – Joel David, reppin’ for Lorelai, Rory, and whole Stars Hollow gang.

“didn’t she have a french bulldog ? or she changes dogs like bags…” – Martina Steiner, who is confounded by Ashley Olsen’s accessory-slash-pet decisions.

“She FINALLY looks like a star!” – Oy, who thinks Rihanna looked great at last weekend’s Grammy Awards.

“I can’t believe you are comparing Britney Spears with Gaga or Beyonce. It is known that Britney is the Princess of pop, and, all the princess inherit her throne. I believed that Madonna should be the Queen till’ the end of time, but if she has to be replaced, it must be by Britney.” – BRITNEY QUEEN OF POP., plugging for his idol, Britney Spears, during the raging debate about crowning a new Queen of Pop.

Finally, after reading an article about Communitylawrence is no longer a Celebuzz virgin:

“I have never read a celeb buzz article before. Here’s what I experienced while reading it.

  1. Hey, good idea! Let’s get some outside eyes on this thing.
  2. Uh-oh.
  3. Oh, no.
  4. You gave the DVD to a caveman.
  5. “How’d I do?” How’d you do WHAT?

How’d I do?”

You did well, Lawrence. You did very well.

That’s all for this week, folks. If you would to be featured next week, all you need to do is leave comments on your favorite Celebuzz articles.

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