Who Did Jessica Alba Make Out With For ‘Escape From Planet Earth’?

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In Escape From Planet Earth, Rob Corddry (Warm Bodies) plays Gary Supernova, an alien scientist who clashes with Lena Thackleman (Jessica Alba) when his brother Scorch (Brendan Fraser) is apprehended by humans while on a voyage to Earth.

Unexpectedly, Alba and Corddry were paired with one another when doing press for the film, placing two fierce enemies in close proximity with one another. When asked what it took to get them in the same room, the actors explained they were both combative and conciliatory before reconciling their differences.

“We boxed,” Alba tells Celebuzz. “And then we made out.”

Corddry, laughing, adds, “So both things. Two extremes.”

All kidding aside, the actors say that they struggled a little bit when time came to record dialogue for their characters, precisely because they didn’t have the chance to interact with one another.

“I just wanted to have someone to talk to, like play off of,” Alba reveals.

Corddry explains that the filmmakers do give the actors images of their characters, but he’s not confident that helped him fully understand the role. “They do give you a sketch,” he says. “And I sat it there. And I don’t know if it helped me at all.”

But Alba, who never played a villain before taking her role in the film, praised the experience. “It was so fun,” she says. “I thought it was quite liberating to be crazy.”

Escape From Planet Earth opens in theaters nationwide February 15. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive video interview with Alba and Corddry, and then let us know in the comments section below – do you think Alba makes a good villain?

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