Watch: ‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams Says Fitness Runs In The Family

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When it comes to fitness, HBO’s Girls star Allison Williams says it’s all in the genes.

“My mother is someone I grew up with, who is very nutritional in the way that she ate,” Williams, the new spokesperson for Simple Skincare, told Celebuzz. “And she is always someone who believes there should be a fruit and a protein, and veggies, and the balanced meal. I definitely inherited that from her.”

The 24-year-old actress credits her mother, TV journalist Jane Williams, for her exercise routine. “She’s always been a manic exerciser, in a very yogic sense,” she said.

“She loves doing yoga and pilates and things like that, so I grew up appreciating cardio and also just muscular exercise type things.”

Since this healthy lifestyle was something that Williams practiced long before she starred on the HBO series, she said she never feels pressure from Hollywood to stay fit.

“This is something I’ve had in my system for a long time. The thing that I haven’t had forever is those other stressors that weren’t part of my life until recently, like wearing makeup everyday or just the speed of my life, flying in planes as frequently as I do now,” the Manhattan native said.  “They’re all manifests of a very exciting thing, but they’re all new to my life.”

Watch our chat with Williams above.

Girls airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

What are your own healthy living secrets?

 Below, watch more from our interview with Williams on Girls’ Season 2.

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