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Do you want to live like your favorite celebrity?

Celebuzz is celebrating Sunday's Writers Guild of America Awards by giving away one of the gift collections given to A-list attendees like Jessica ChastainAmy PoehlerEric Stonestreet and Nathan Fillion.

Valued at more than $2,500, the swag bag includes goodies from Kate Spade, Rocky Mountaineer, Out of Print Clothing, Wes Ferguson, Essentius and more.

So, how can you get your hands on this luxurious swag?

Simply leave a comment telling us which movie you're most excited to see in 2013.

To learn about everything included in the package, keep reading after the jump.

Leave a comment telling us which movie you're most excited to see in 2013, and the author of the winning comment will receive the following:

  • Essentious is a luxury hair care line formulated with natural ingredients to nourish, hydrate, and strengthen your hair. Essentious hair care products are Aloe Vera based, ph balanced, and protein fortified. Free of sulfates, silicones, petroleum, mineral oil, and parabens. For all hair types.
  • iFred, the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression is creating a shift in society’s negative perception of depression through positive imagery and branding—establishing the sunflower and color yellow as the international symbols of hope for depression.  Prize includes a small sunflower pin plus a brochure on the cause.
  • Infinite Lash is a unique eyelash enhance serum that promotes thicker, fuller, longer looking lashes. The gentle and effective formula thickens the hair follicles while hydrating and strengthening weak and brittle lashes. Gentle enough for contact lens wearers. Natural and paraben free.
  • Rocky Mountaineer is offering a return trip for two onboard the Whistler Sea to Sky Climb route in Whistler Service between North Vancouver and Whistler, BC. (Airfare is NOT included.)
  • Sabra Dipping Company, LLC is a leader in the refrigerated dips and spreads category and producer of America’s top-selling hummus. Sabra’s award-winning hummus, available in more than a dozen flavors and a wide range of authentic, healthy and vegetarian dips and spreads can be found nationwide in club stores, supermarkets, specialty retailers and through food service. Sabra operates a silver LEED certified factory in Virginia, and in 2011 received an A-Classification from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) audit board for food safety for its California plant. Visit Sabra on Twitter and on Facebook.
  • The Oaks at Ojai Spa is offering a casual get fit getaway including spa cuisine dining in the bucolic Ojai Valley.
  • Bananagrams Inc: The anagram game that will drive you bananas!
  • Elemis Skincare and Spa BrandExquisite treatment oil with an exotic blend of sweet scented Frangipani flowers. It has long lasting hydration properties to seal in moisture leaving skin silky soft.  Can be used as an intensive treatment for hair and nails.
  • Invitation Consultants: Stylish personalized stationery featuring fresh designs
  • Kate Spade New York: Pompano Point 2 piece dessert set.
  • Lollia Poetic License Candle Boutiquerie: Modern, romantic luxury personified; tailored glass encased in a keepsake box of vibrant fresh-picked colors, deliciously paired hues set off by modern lines of sophisticated gold accents.
  • Martin Greenfield Heritage Beverly Hills: Certificate for $250 custom shirt.
  • Out of Print ClothingSet of eight coasters with iconic book cover art from Catch-22, Invisible Man and Pride and Prejudice among others, plus a tote with Out of Print’s adaptation of Louis Jambor’s original cover art for Alcott’s classic novel.
  • Paramount Home Media Distribution: The Flight Blu-ray/DVD combo pack includes compelling special features that take audiences behind-the-scenes to learn about the film’s journey to the screen, the making of the movie, how the filmmakers created the terrifying plane crash, and highlights from a Q&A panel at the New York Film Festival.
  • Rachel Hulan for Furnishing Hope: Interior Designer Rachel Hulan, ASID, CID, of sustainable interiors firm Hulan Design, will be creating a luxury lounge showcasing the amazing furniture and sense of purpose found in the work of Furnishing Hope. Rachel will present a certificate for a free consultation.
  • Simply Divine Brownies: Half a dozen assorted brownies with Writers Guild logos and a gift certificate for $25.00.
  • Taming Your Alpha Bitch: Written by Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado.  BenBella Publishing.  Authors give women the ultimate solution on how to be fierce and feminine and get everything they want.
  • Uncommon, LLC: Uncommon ColorsTM and ClearlyTM Uncommon CasesTM for the iPhone 5 are available at Or create your own customized case featuring photos or artwork.  
  • Wes Ferguson: Sessions with Certified Personal Trainer Wes Ferguson at Mansion Fitness in West Hollywood.
Items in photo subject to change based on availability -- some colors and styles may vary. Courtesy of Backstage Creations.


Again, leave a comment naming the movie you are most excited to see in 2013, and you could be the winner of this incredible package!

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Default avatar
  • Elina Bakamjian
    Elina Bakamjian

    Superman! Can't wait to take my son.

  • cassandraashley

    I am really looking forward to OZ!

  • Debra Gaswint
    Debra Gaswint

    Well, maybe I'm weird, but I can't wait to see the CROODS!

  • elfette

    MUST i choose just one ... bummer the years to young to have a favorite yet

  • Shannon Burrows
    Shannon Burrows

    Oz, the Geat & Powerful

  • Sandra Davis
    Sandra Davis

    i want to see OZ

  • Cynthia Brinsley
    Cynthia Brinsley

    The Wolverine

  • Kathleen M Driscoll
    Kathleen M Driscoll

    The Great Gatsby!

  • Eva

    The Great Gatsby

  • c Takas
    c Takas

    Oz: The Great and Powerful

  • Brenda Smith
    Brenda Smith

    I'm excited to see After Earth...I love Will Smith Movies...he is an awesome actor!

  • Larry

    Oz the great and powerful

  • Sam

    Looking forward to OZ for sure!!!

  • Michelle Little
    Michelle Little

    I'm still waiting for a movie that I'm excited to go see.

  • Caitlin Downey
    Caitlin Downey

    I am most excited about Catching Fire!

  • PJ Bryan
    PJ Bryan

    I can't wait to see Catching Fire- Love Jennifer Lawrence!

  • James

    anything Star Trek!

  • Tim Moss
    Tim Moss

    I'm most excited to see the new Superman reboot THE MAN OF STEEL!

  • Sarah 'Uramkin' Austin
    Sarah 'Uramkin' Austin

    Im excited to see Fast and Furious 6. What can I say, love the fast cars and hot guys. Its all good!

  • Linda Frost
    Linda Frost

    I'd love to win the Writers' Guild of America swag bag!!!

  • celticbutterfly

    Star Trek. The last one was funny, exciting, and thought provoking. And the guy that plays Captain Kirk! What a cutie! :-)

  • winterfan3

    The movie I am most excited to see in 2013 is Star Trek Into Darkness.

  • Elsiewa

    I am looking forward to seeing "THE CODER."

  • Amy Parsons
    Amy Parsons

    monsters inc 2

  • amy parsons
    amy parsons


  • cathiemack

    I can't wait to see "The Wizard of Oz"!

  • ruthie

    I'm looking forward to seeing OZ

  • jeanne conner
    jeanne conner

    I can't wait to see OZ

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller

    Evil Dead

  • Patti Pretzel Howard
    Patti Pretzel Howard

    am excited to be takng my granddughter to see The Coods!

  • Nicole Price
    Nicole Price

    I'm most excited to see the new OZ movie. It looks like it's going to be really good.

  • wendy wallach
    wendy wallach

    I want to see Dome

  • mycosyco

    I'm looking forward to Iron Man 3.

  • vranab

    Les Mis

  • Teresa Smith
    Teresa Smith

    I am excited to see "Admissions"!

  • Wendy Duckduck
    Wendy Duckduck

    August: Osage County

  • Karri Steed Dry
    Karri Steed Dry

    Looking forward to seeing Mama.

  • Emma McCauley
    Emma McCauley

    Catching fire!

  • Denise Welch
    Denise Welch

    I’m so excited to see “Oz The Great and Powerful

  • Philip Halter
    Philip Halter

    Oz The Great and Powerful

  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee

    I'm looking forward to Star Trek into Darkness, hope to go see it with my hubby.

  • Dina

    Oz Looks Great!

  • Suzanne Kaiser
    Suzanne Kaiser

    I want to see OZ!

  • Robby Rob
    Robby Rob

    i'm most excited to see the new Die Hard. Hoping it's still in theaters otherwise i'll have to wait for DVD

  • Meredith Serrano
    Meredith Serrano

    Catching Fire!! Can't wait for the rest of the Hunger Games!

  • Emily Dozier
    Emily Dozier

    I'm looking forward to Left Behind. What a nightmare!!

  • Stephanie Powell
    Stephanie Powell

    I would love to see The Call!!

  • leesawho

    Oz The Great and Powerful

  • Allyson Bossie
    Allyson Bossie

    I can't wait to see Argo or the New Oz movie!

  • Teresa Fogle
    Teresa Fogle

    The movie I am most interested in seeing in 2013 is "OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN"!

  • chuckmn

    Oz The Great and Powerful

  • Amy Kressman Brodsky
    Amy Kressman Brodsky

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone!

  • Kim Barney
    Kim Barney

    Would like to see OZ the Great and Powerful

  • Denise Jacques Malia
    Denise Jacques Malia

    I am looking forward to seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! (ツ)

  • Louise Kanouse Hardin
    Louise Kanouse Hardin

    Excited about the next Star Trek movie!

  • kathryn

    The Last Exorcism Part 2

  • Stacy

    Catching Fire!

  • Eric

    IRON MAN 3!!! It looks SOO GOOD!!!

  • Keeley

    the great gatsby

  • Nicole Millheim
    Nicole Millheim

    Oz Great and Powerful

  • Cindi Ann Simon
    Cindi Ann Simon

    Can't wait to see OZ! Looks fantastic

  • Amy Hughes
    Amy Hughes

    Totally going to see the Great Gatsby!

  • Kathy

    The Host

  • delimama66

    I can't wait to see OZ

  • Bram Zimmerman
    Bram Zimmerman

    Anchorman 2

  • Linda S.
    Linda S.

    I'd like to see Oz!

  • Penny

    can't wait to see oz

  • lakingshockeyforwomen

    The Wizard of Oz

  • lcd123

    The Call with Halle Berry!

  • lcd123

    I can't wait to see The Great Gatspy!

  • Mark Westfall
    Mark Westfall

    The Great Gatsby

  • Jessica Brainerd
    Jessica Brainerd

    World War Z!!!!!

  • shelovesbaking

    weee're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz: Great and Powerful!

  • sr5367

    weeee're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

  • mydegausser

    most excited to see Catching Fire!!

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones

    I am really looking forward to the new Star Trek. I have been watching Star Trek forever :)

  • T.a. Sardina
    T.a. Sardina

    Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger.

  • tresa

    The Lone Ranger. Johnny Depp movies are always worth seeing

  • Jeanineb

    Oz Great and Powerful, because the Wizard of Oz was an awesome classic and I want to see if they can pull off an epic movie like that again.

  • Nichole Lenz
    Nichole Lenz

    jack and the beanstalk

  • Leonard Voss
  • Deb Longworth
    Deb Longworth

    OZ of course!

  • Vicki T
    Vicki T

    Anchorman 2

  • sweepstakesamy

    I'm most looking forward to the remake of Evil Dead.

  • Jennifer Buckner
  • krafty9440

    Iron Man 3

  • dawn wood
    dawn wood

    Can't wait to see the new Star Trek!!

  • Beverly Payton
    Beverly Payton

    Without a doubt, the movie I most want to see is The Oz! So excited to see it! Absolutely! Positively! No Doubt About It!!

  • Sally Baldwin
    Sally Baldwin

    I can't wait to see World War Z! I <3 zombie movies!

  • Mag Pie
    Mag Pie


  • seitsirhc0

    I'm a huge SciFi fan so of course I cant wait to see Star Trek Into Darkness

  • seitsirhc0

    I'm a hue SciFi fan so of course I can't wait to see Star Trek: Into Darkness

  • Meredith Jones Frontierville
  • Sally 슬기 Lee
    Sally 슬기 Lee

    Despicable Me 2

  • Roy F.
    Roy F.

    I'd like to see Iron Man 3

  • Laura Wernet
    Laura Wernet

    I look forward to seeing "Identity Thief"

  • whitechocolatecherries

    I'm currently most excited to see Stoker. Thanks for the chance! :)

  • al

    Oz the Great and Powerful

  • pugmama

    Iron Man 3 promises more wit and high energy!

  • Amber Stevens
    Amber Stevens

    Oz, it looks amazing!

  • sherry pincus
    sherry pincus

    love the swagbag

  • Kari Flores
    Kari Flores

    I am looking forward to War Z.

  • Kathleen M Smith
    Kathleen M Smith

    I am looking forward to seeing Oz: The Great and Powerful! I think it will be extraordinary in every way.

  • Felicia Escobedo
    Felicia Escobedo

    Most excited to see Oz The Great And Powerful

  • debbiedo

    Argo of course!

  • John Peterson
    John Peterson

    I Can't wait to see the new Bond movie "Skyfall"

  • Stacey V
    Stacey V

    Oz looks fantastic!

  • Jonathan

    The hobbit looks a little more then a money making scheme turning one book into 3 movies this will be maybe 3 hours each.

  • Pauline Linares
    Pauline Linares

    I would love to see Argo!

  • Tiffany Gronn
    Tiffany Gronn

    OZ: The Great and Powerful

  • wendynwicket

    I'm most excited to see Catching Fire!

  • Dale Louderback
    Dale Louderback

    I am looking forward to seeing the last stand

  • jodi

    OZ, I remember the the original one.

  • bn100

    great and powerful Oz

  • Tammy


  • Janet Ferro
    Janet Ferro

    I really want to see 'Admission'-Tina Fey &Paul Rudd-it's a win-win!

  • Janet Ferro
    Janet Ferro

    Has to be Admission-Tina Fey and Paul Rudd-it's a win-win!

  • Joyce Frankel
    Joyce Frankel

    Me and my shadow

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose

    Hmm, maybe Oz

  • Travis

    Riddick !

  • jude


  • Marshall Andrews
    Marshall Andrews

    I'm interested in how The Great Gatsby will be on the big screen again. It looks interesting.

  • Jaime-Lynn G.
    Jaime-Lynn G.

    Ironman 3!

  • Ellen L
    Ellen L

    I cant wait to se OZ

  • Darrell Waites
    Darrell Waites

    Identity Thief

  • jorge

    The Great Gatsby.

  • David Harlow
    David Harlow

    I'm excited to see The Last Exorcism II, I love horror flicks.

  • Alicia

    I can't wait to see Hansel & Gretel!

  • macy

    I'm excited to see the new OZ movie!

  • Melissa Green Hartley
    Melissa Green Hartley

    I didn't see any of the Oscar nominee movies--really wanna see Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, & The Life of Pi!! Thank you for this amazing contest :)

  • Margaret Suiter
    Margaret Suiter

    Catching Fire - loved the books!

  • blahcubed

    Jonathan Glazer's adaptation of "Under the Skin" is at the top o' my list.

  • Jennifer Essad
    Jennifer Essad

    We are so excited and counting down the days to see the movie "OZ" thanks for the chance to win!

  • Mindy DeLisi
    Mindy DeLisi

    The Wizard Of OZ movie looks good! Used to watch that all the time as a child! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Alecia M
    Alecia M

    I'm excited to see The Host. I think Stephanie Meyer stepped up her game since Twilight (although truthfully I enjoyed that too.) This movie looks promising!

  • pfolker


  • Jennifer Folker
  • AnneMarie DeRemer
    AnneMarie DeRemer

    Safe Haven

  • Stephanie A
    Stephanie A

    I'd like to see Admission with Tina Fey!

  • Natalie Kozaczka
    Natalie Kozaczka

    Can’t wait to see ‘Admissions’ with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey!

  • NThomas

    The great OZ! Superfun!

  • Donna W.
    Donna W.

    I am so excited to see The great and powerful oz

  • Nikki Johnson Davis
    Nikki Johnson Davis

    I want to see Oz The Great and Powerful!!

  • msol

    I'm excited to see the movie Snitch because I'm in love with Dwayne Johnson.

  • Barbara Lyn Kelley
    Barbara Lyn Kelley

    oz the great and powerful

  • Pamela Sloss
    Pamela Sloss

    I'm most excited to see OZ. It looks like a great movie.

  • BDH


  • Kate Daly
    Kate Daly

    love the great gatsby

  • gino ortiz
    gino ortiz

    the wizz

  • kellybird

    Fast & Furious 6... Huge Vin Diesel fan!!

  • chyld

    Excited to see Star Trek: Into The Darkness

  • Katie

    Safe Haven ♥

  • Jeff

    I'd like to see the new Superman movie.

  • Jeff

    I really want to see Iron Man 3

  • Rebecca Turner
    Rebecca Turner

    I want to see Argo. All the reports I hear about this movie are good.

  • Basil Argento
    Basil Argento

    "John Dies at the End" !

  • Alice Benter
    Alice Benter

    Oz The Great and Powerful looks really good.

  • Susan Miller
    Susan Miller

    There are quite a few movies I'd like to see but Oz is my first pick.

  • Candy Mueller
    Candy Mueller

    The Great Gatsby!

  • Linda Anderson
  • Betsy Jo Cortez
    Betsy Jo Cortez

    :Looking forward to seeing oz with my kids.

  • Julie Reuter
    Julie Reuter

    i am looking forward to seeing parker, but only because it has jason statham in it.

  • Teresa D Simmons
    Teresa D Simmons

    Looking forward to seeing "The Call" with Halle Berry

  • Rick Espy
    Rick Espy

    Star Trek: Into Darkness!

  • Tamatha Hunter
    Tamatha Hunter

    I think OZ is definitely one to see in the theater

  • Robin


  • Jari Wietfeldt
    Jari Wietfeldt

    world war z

  • george

    Looking forward to The Wolverine

  • Richard T.
    Richard T.

    I can hardly wait to see Oz The Great and Powerful.

  • Karen Spector
    Karen Spector

    I'm looking forward to seeing OZ it looks amazing. I was the wicked witch of the west in my grammar school play. I was teased about being a witch for many many years after that.

  • Julie Link
    Julie Link

    Oz & the Hobbit

  • Yvonne Rorie
    Yvonne Rorie

    I can't wait to see OZ. I still watch the original. I just love this movie.

  • Jessica Cosma
    Jessica Cosma

    I am so excited to see OZ! I hope it is as fabulous as I've imagined!

  • Dawna Nolan
    Dawna Nolan

    complete geekery...the movie I'm most excited to see this year is Ender's Game--have been waiting for it for years!

  • Brad Snyder
    Brad Snyder

    Love to see argo

  • Dawn Schmidt
    Dawn Schmidt

    I am most looking forward to seeing Iron Man 3

  • Alison King
    Alison King

    I want to see Admissions!

  • Barbara Calder
    Barbara Calder

    I think OZ looks great. Love to see it.

  • Electron S.
    Electron S.

    silver linings playbook

  • Eric Sanders
    Eric Sanders

    I Can't wait to see OZ, always been a fan

  • Julie Harris
    Julie Harris

    Im most excited to see Man of Steel, the trailer gives me goosebumps lol

  • Lynn Cintron
    Lynn Cintron

    Can' wait to see "Star Trek: Into the Darkness"

  • Elisa Clements Lowe
    Elisa Clements Lowe

    Ready to see Oz!

  • Katie Guinn
    Katie Guinn

    Iron Man 3!

  • Jaime

    Oz: The Great and Powerful

  • Phil Randall
    Phil Randall

    looking forward to next hobit movie

  • Marcia Goodrich
    Marcia Goodrich

    OZ looks really good

  • Suzann

    The Hunger Games part two

  • ceri

    So hard to pick just one with all the fantastic looking films that are coming out. But I'm aflutter with anticipation for OZ and Gatsby.

  • Jennifer Sitz
    Jennifer Sitz

    I am very excited to see Star Trek

  • cwalker9762

    OZ OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its all about the OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN'T WAIT.

  • Rebecca Pierson
    Rebecca Pierson

    can't wait to see oz! looks so good!

  • deb cohen
    deb cohen

    wanting to see star trek

  • Carrie Bayliss
    Carrie Bayliss

    I am most excited about seeing The Great Gatsby. Its my favorite book ever and the new movie version was supposed to be released last December but it didn't so I have been waiting a Long time. Ha ha

  • Elizabeth

    Catching Fire for sure!

  • Claire Beaufort
    Claire Beaufort

    Can't wait to see Admissions with Tina Fey!

  • Corina

    Can't wait to see identity theft

  • anna t.
    anna t.

    I can't wait to see Star Trek: Into The Darkness and Frozen

  • Karen Massey
    Karen Massey

    Most excited to see Temptations

  • clm153

    The new Oz movie.

  • Sara Smith
    Sara Smith

    So far, the movie I'm looking forward to seeing is Oz.

  • Stephanie Scherrer
    Stephanie Scherrer

    so excited to see!

  • sharon

    The Great Gatsby

  • zhunter76

    Star Trek - Into Darkness

  • Chris Mazzone
    Chris Mazzone

    Cannot wait for OZ!!!! It's going to be great

  • Michele Mazzarella
    Michele Mazzarella

    I cannot wait to see another Leonardo Decaprio movie... The Great Gatsby, I loved the book and Jay-Z is on the soundtrack. Going to be good.

  • Vicki Hall
    Vicki Hall

    Can't wait to see OZ!

  • Robin Stanfield
    Robin Stanfield

    Dark Skies!!! It looks very intriguing and scary. Just hope that they did not put all of the good scenes in the trailer.

  • Kerry

    The Great Gatsby

  • christine

    Based on the trailer, Oz

  • Blake Sweeps
    Blake Sweeps

    I am really excited to see the Nina Simone movie - lots of controversy, but I hope its good

  • samantha

    my sons and i are looking forward to Oz

  • Denise Hill Van Loon
    Denise Hill Van Loon

    Ted 2! I loved the first one!

  • heather c
    heather c

    The Lone Ranger...all the way!

  • hpaulina

    Looking forward for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones! So excited!

  • Lori Gauthier
    Lori Gauthier

    Definitely OZ!

  • Linda

    OZ and the Hobbit are the two I am looking forward to.

  • Yvonne Galindo
    Yvonne Galindo

    The Call Looks Good Love thrillers, Thank You

  • Susan Miller
    Susan Miller

    Definately Oz. I'm so excited to see it !!

  • Dwight Holcek
    Dwight Holcek

    Can't wait to see Jack the Giant Slayer!

  • Sydney Levin
    Sydney Levin

    The Great Gatsby

  • Kristina Wilson
    Kristina Wilson

    Oz Great and Powerful

  • Brandy Graham
    Brandy Graham

    I am excited about seeing The Great Gatsby

  • Lauren Wagner
    Lauren Wagner

    I am most excited to see Star Trek Into Darkness!

  • erica saldivar
    erica saldivar

    Im super stoked about Gatsby! The classic movie is one of my favorites. Leonardo DiCaprio will be excellent as always!

  • Patricia Simpkin
    Patricia Simpkin

    I can't wait to see Oz. Also, The Great Gatsby is in the top ten of my list.

  • Lala Aprilla
    Lala Aprilla

    I am most looking forward to the new hunger games sequel, i can't wait! please pick me Celebuzz :D

  • butterball

    I can't wait to see World War Z and The Great and Powerful Oz!

  • Mary Lou Tomko
    Mary Lou Tomko

    Neat gift pack. Would love to win it. Would love to win see the movie the caller with Halle Berry.

  • Denise Loscar Bigley
    Denise Loscar Bigley

    I am looking forward to OZ

  • Kelli H
    Kelli H

    Silver linings playbook

  • Jenny Dietz
    Jenny Dietz

    Looking forward to The Great and Powerful Oz!

  • Debra Barnes
    Debra Barnes

    OZ looks fantastic.

  • Tiffany Behrens
    Tiffany Behrens

    Oz!! I normally hate remkes but this looks awesome! Plus, love Mila Kunis!

  • Cheryl Fussell-Longo
    Cheryl Fussell-Longo

    Can't wait to see Oz!

  • kori gillen
    kori gillen

    I want to see Identity Thief

  • Sarah

    Anchorman 2!

  • Jo Smith
    Jo Smith

    Looking forward to watching OZ

  • Pat Furnicher
    Pat Furnicher

    The Great Gatsby... The costumes should be amazing...

  • egood33

    I'm beyond excited to see Leo DiCaprio in Great Gatsby!

  • Linda Lockhart
    Linda Lockhart

    Oz is the movie I'm most excited about seeing right now.

  • Taeko Ferris
    Taeko Ferris

    love to see Argo !!!

  • Kendra Lewis Mcbride
    Kendra Lewis Mcbride

    lone ranger

  • anthem


  • Allison Newman
    Allison Newman

    Oz: The Great and Powerful

  • Tricia Brown
    Tricia Brown


  • Tricia Brown
    Tricia Brown

    Hope to win

  • Monica Mancera-Li
    Monica Mancera-Li

    I can't wait to see the new Fast and Furios! Paul Walker-- enough said.

  • Debbie Dorsett
    Debbie Dorsett

    The Lone Ranger

  • Denise

    I'm looking forward to the Wizard of Oz movie, look interesting.

  • sandra

    the hunger games: catching fire

  • Elven Marie Johnson
    Elven Marie Johnson

    Oz: The Great and Powerful

  • Hank Mccoy
    Hank Mccoy


  • Robert Lloyd
    Robert Lloyd

    definitely The Great Gatsby; any Leonardo DiCaprio does is awesome!

  • kate thompson
    kate thompson

    Looking forward to OZ!

  • Sondra Ferguson Brazier
  • Carla Coe
    Carla Coe

    There are some great movies out this year that I would like to see but Im very excited to see The Company You Keep .Director: Robert Redford Stars: Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    The Great Gatsby. I loved the book, and Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing in everything he does, so I'm really excited to see the movie.

  • Gary Wolff
    Gary Wolff

    I'm most excited to see Oz

  • kruegernancy

    love to live like the stars!

  • pinjam

    Jack The Giant Slayer

  • Brian Kautz
    Brian Kautz

    Can't wait to see Pacific Rim

  • Sondra Brazier
    Sondra Brazier

    Oz the Great and Powerful

  • traymona

    I'm looking forward to Dark Skies

  • Tracy Hemmer
    Tracy Hemmer

    I can't wait to see the Wizard of Oz movie! Love Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis. :-)

  • brnmanis

    Oz: The great and powerful

  • jose benavides
    jose benavides

    i want to see jeepers creepers 3

  • renetta endlich
    renetta endlich

    Looking forward to seeing OZ!

  • Ruben Ramos
    Ruben Ramos

    Iron Man 3

  • vicki schaffer
    vicki schaffer

    I can't wait to see OZ!!

  • Donna Easley Bivens
    Donna Easley Bivens

    I'm really looking forward to "OZ"!

  • Conor S.
    Conor S.


  • Travis

    I'm excited to see World War Z!

  • mona

    world war Z. brad pitt...........

  • Laura V
    Laura V

    I can't wait to see Iron Man 3. That I am looking forward. Thank you for the cool giveaway, and good luck to everyone.

  • dodge1616

    I cannot wait to see Part 2 of the Hunger Games as well as Oz :) Oh yea and I'm most excited to win this fabulous giveaway <3

  • Julie B.
    Julie B.

    I would really like to see Identity Thief!

  • Debbie E
    Debbie E

    Waiting to see OZ and The Great Gatsby

  • Mark Gosnell
    Mark Gosnell

    Die Hard Final Day

  • Beverly R. Wilson
    Beverly R. Wilson

    Jack the Giant Slayer

  • debra barnes
    debra barnes

    Love to see Safe Haven.

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    Looking forward to OZ. Another trip down the yellow brick road is just the road trip I need.

  • Tonya Dean
    Tonya Dean

    Hansel and Gretel tdlsfm(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • kittylou


  • Jodi Harrington
    Jodi Harrington

    Star Trek

  • Katherine G.
    Katherine G.

    I am most excited to see The Great Gatsby

  • Stacy Cooper
    Stacy Cooper

    Beautiful Creatures!

  • Phil

    World War Z

  • Lisa Cipriano
    Lisa Cipriano

    Oz: The Great and Powerful

  • Mary

    I would love to see Oz.

  • Jonathan Puzio
    Jonathan Puzio

    I'm most excited about seeing Iron Man 3 which releases in May!! It looks like it's going to be an incredible addition to the epic series!!

  • Kathy B
    Kathy B

    The new Star Trek because saying Benedict Cumberbatch is fun.

  • Vikki Smith Parman
    Vikki Smith Parman

    Looking forward to The Host.

  • timp77

    I'd be looking forward to Iron Man 3, an Star Trek into Darkness.

  • Jennifer Thompson
    Jennifer Thompson

    Safe Haven

  • lorie

    the hobbitt

  • Dorothy Davidson
    Dorothy Davidson

    I can't wait for OZ.

  • Staisha

    Three way tie between Oz, World War Z, and The Great Gatsby!

  • DeborahAnne Hodgdon
    DeborahAnne Hodgdon

    mortal instruments!!!

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith

    I hope I win!

  • trinkits


  • jane jakins
    jane jakins

    the lone ranger

  • Jessica c
    Jessica c

    I cannot wait to see the great gatsby

  • Bonnie

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The First Hunger Games was well done. Excted about part 2 of this's Trilogy

  • sandra davis
    sandra davis

    i am most excited to see the movie Snitch

  • Brenda Nelms
    Brenda Nelms

    Oz The Great and Powerful, so far, it's at the top of my to see list.

  • Timothy S Chalfant
    Timothy S Chalfant

    Looking forward to seeing A Good Day to Die Hard with Bruce Willis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • michelle fuller
    michelle fuller

    The Lone Ranger-huge Johnny Depp fan

  • Nancy

    I am looking forward to the Hobbit movie and Oz. So many good ones coming out this year!

  • Shari King
    Shari King

    I am looking forward to seeing Snitch! Ty for hosting such a great giveaway. Oh, and, pick me please! :D

  • Patty Raschel
    Patty Raschel

    The movie that I'm most excited to see is Oz!

  • jenny hebert
    jenny hebert

    Wizard of Oz

  • Joanne Cilento
    Joanne Cilento

    the Great Gatsby

  • Moises Campos
    Moises Campos

    I'm looking forward to GIJOE

  • Kelly Nicholson
    Kelly Nicholson

    excited about the new fast and furious movi

  • Theresa Molsky
    Theresa Molsky

    Oz the Great and Powerful looks like the movie of 2013.

  • lindslion

    City of Bones

  • Christa Wagner
    Christa Wagner

    Oh so looking forward to OZ!

  • Patti Shipp
    Patti Shipp

    Looking forward to going and seeing Oz with the family:)

  • Chad C.
    Chad C.

    Man Of Steel

  • Debra

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Great Gatsby. I loved the book.

  • Kermit Crissey
    Kermit Crissey

    Looking forward to seeing "Man of Steel"

  • Kat Castle
    Kat Castle

    Gotta be Oz!

  • Sarah Renee
    Sarah Renee

    Can't wait to take my kids to see Planes!

  • Sharon Kaminski
    Sharon Kaminski

    would love to see great gatsby

  • Chrystal D
    Chrystal D

    I want to see the new Wizard of Oz one. The previews look really good!

  • Mandi Marcus
    Mandi Marcus

    I am super excited for Oz The Great and Powerful! Looks amazing! :)

  • Josephine

    OMG, so many movies, but "The Jackie Robinson Story" looks really good.

  • Krystal R
    Krystal R

    There's supposed to be a movie about Frank Sinatra coming out... that would be my #1 choice. Oz would be next... that should be pretty amazing!

  • Susan Miller
    Susan Miller

    Definately can't wait to see Oz !!

  • Bryan Hodge
    Bryan Hodge

    Looking forward to Lincoln

  • Elizabeth Robin
  • Suzie R
    Suzie R

    OZ seems to be the big buzz. Would like to see it

  • Tamatha Burrus
    Tamatha Burrus

    Oz Great and Powerful


    I can't wait to see t5he Great Gatsby

  • Bettesue Shapiro
    Bettesue Shapiro

    Looking forward to seeing Oz.

  • Barry Catley
    Barry Catley


  • Jean Norton
    Jean Norton

    the great gatsby we had to read it in school ,i loved the clothes in the old move,

  • jwalsh3079

    I can't wait to see the new Oz!!!! Yay!

  • Russell Moore
    Russell Moore

    Star Trek Into Darkness

  • Yvonne Hooker
    Yvonne Hooker

    The new Oz movie loks like it may be good but want to see Argo too

  • K Eva Kiss
    K Eva Kiss

    i can't wait to see Oz

  • Allison S
    Allison S

    Star Trek!

  • Debra Sl
    Debra Sl

    Sounds like a FUN movie- I can't wait to go to Jack the Giant Killer! AND THE NEW STAR TREK ONE. I love it that the grandkids love this stuff.

  • Mary Pitman
    Mary Pitman

    Looking forward to see The Man of Steel

  • Eileen Kay Ramola
    Eileen Kay Ramola

    I am excited to see "the Great Gatsby. As an English teacher, I know this will be awesome! I also love Leo!

  • James

    I would like to see Upstream Color

  • Tamara Tanner
    Tamara Tanner

    I can't wait till it is here, I will be first in line. thank you

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson

    The Great Gatsby!

  • dramaactress

    I am most excited to see "side effects"

  • Betty Shoemaker
    Betty Shoemaker

    I really want to see OZ, looks like it is pretty popular on this site also.

  • Christy Kane
  • Christy Kane
    Christy Kane

    Star trek or GI J OE

  • Teresa L. Pritchard
    Teresa L. Pritchard

    I'm really looking forward to OZ!

  • Jeanne Clifton
    Jeanne Clifton


  • Fani Galisteo Ruano
    Fani Galisteo Ruano

    The Hobbit 2: The desolation of Smaug! Pity i have to wait till the end of the year!!

  • Gricelda Castro
    Gricelda Castro

    Most excited to see ‘Admissions’

  • Angela R
    Angela R

    Oz looks good

  • Elven Marie Johnson
    Elven Marie Johnson

    Star Trek Into Darkness & Monsters University

  • sandra davis
    sandra davis


  • Barbara Nolan
    Barbara Nolan

    I want to see The Host!

  • Pam Wakeford
    Pam Wakeford

    The Great Gatsby!!

  • Diane Sayre Harvey
    Diane Sayre Harvey

    Definitely OZ The Great & Powerful. Looks like a great time!

  • Maria Iemma
    Maria Iemma

    I want to see Argo

  • Carmen Lebron
    Carmen Lebron

    I am most excited to see Silver Lining

  • photogirl

    The Great Gatsby!

  • Pam Flynn
    Pam Flynn

    Jack The GiantSlayer

  • Doris Allen
    Doris Allen

    The Great Gatsby! Wow, can't wait to see this

  • Angela Barnes
    Angela Barnes

    Right now I am looking forward to Oz, but it will depend on what gets released later this year.

  • ouida stokes
    ouida stokes

    Taken 2.i love liam neisson

  • Edith Burris
    Edith Burris

    Star trek...once a trekkie always a trekkie!

  • Barbara

    Wizard of OZ

  • Margaret Spence
    Margaret Spence

    I am most excited to see Argo!

  • PatrickJ

    Iron Man 3

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney


  • Sara Christie
    Sara Christie

    Cant wait to see Oz: The Great and Powerful!

  • donalee

    Oz the Great and Powerful preview look great

  • DC

    So psyched for "Oz"

  • Nat

    I kinda excited to see 2 movies: The Host and Catching fire! The Host because the book is fantastic! And from the trailer I've seen so will be the film. Catching fire same reason but also to see Jennifer Lawrence en Josh Hutcherson team up again to stride against the Capitol!

  • Sheldon Sklar
    Sheldon Sklar

    The Oz movie looks great!

  • Dtgville

    I watch the Wizard of Oz every year so I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in The Great and Powerful Oz!

  • David Heath
    David Heath

    looking forward to seeing the host

  • Kim Kihega
    Kim Kihega

    I'm looking forward to seeing Oz!

  • Judith (from Israel)
    Judith (from Israel)

    I'm most looking forward to seeing Chris Pine exact retribution on behalf of Starfleet in Star Trek into Darkness.

  • misuco


  • gentlefawn29

    The Oaks at Ojai Spa

  • Gwenn A Atkinson
  • Mike Podewell
    Mike Podewell

    awesome hope i win.

  • flasimo

    brownies, hummus and Flight.. oh my

  • steven w
    steven w

    Star Trek Into Darkness

  • Mary Sullivan
    Mary Sullivan

    Looking forward to OZ!

  • Linda Deline
    Linda Deline

    Would like to see OZ

  • Michelle Washburn
    Michelle Washburn

    I can't wait to see the Hobbit movie

  • Van Olson
    Van Olson


  • Morgana Summers
    Morgana Summers

    "Upstream Color" Shane Carruth is a genius.

  • Laura

    It has to be Admissions...Tina Fey just hits the nail on the head every time.

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen

    I'm ready for Oz!

  • Steve

    I am anxious to see Les Misérables considering all the press it has received.

  • Rebecca

    I am excited to see Admissions.

  • Shenae

    I am excited to see the new Superman movie with Henry Cavill! Too die for! Tudors!

  • rebecca

    Spring Breakers!!!!!

  • linds82

    The movie I can't wait for in 2013 is The Call; I'm a big fan of True Crime thrillers, and this looks like it will live up to the hype in the movie trailer! #Excited

  • gk44

    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

  • Laura

    Catching Fire...have to wait until Nov. 2013 but will be worth the wait!

  • nikkidee14

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Oz. BUT the trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness looks fantastic! (Shhh...don't tell Star Wars that I plan on being unfaithful this year).

  • Peggy Bayer
    Peggy Bayer

    Looking forward to seeing Oz the most. Our family has always loved Wizard of Oz and so looking forward to more!

  • @isf_ky

    This is a cool gift pack Awesome of you all to give us a chance to win this prize ! I am looking forward to seeing Oz the great and powerful I grew watching the wizard every year :) l

  • Jenni

    I love all kinds of movies its so amazing to be able to go into others worlds for alittle while and learn more about yourself.

  • Ade Widiastiti
    Ade Widiastiti

    Star Trek: Into The Darkness and Frozen!..hands down..

  • Yoli Flores
    Yoli Flores

    I'm looking forward to seeing The Host

  • Julia

    I cannot wait for the Great Gatsby!!

  • Angela Ryan Ditlow
    Angela Ryan Ditlow

    I am most excited about seeing Oz Great and Powerful. The graphics look incredible and i want to learn more about the great wizard. I love the original Wizard Of Oz. I love to see directors/producers/screenwriters put a modern twist on original classics!!

  • ambermiller86

    I know a lot of people think it looks stupid, but I want to see The Lone Ranger. It looks really funny to me!!

  • Wendy

    Neat gift pack! Also Oz The Great and Powerful looks really good.

  • Yuliya

    So excited to see Man of Steel. I'm really curious to see what direction they are going to take with this movie.

  • Andrea Darst
    Andrea Darst

    I'm so excited to see "Oz The Great and Powerful"! It looks amazing!

  • Karla

    I am most excited to see World War Z!

  • april

    World War Z

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    Oz: The Great and Powerful.

  • Lizzie

    I'm most excited for The Great Gatsby!

  • Jeffrey Deforest Davis
    Jeffrey Deforest Davis

    Django Unchained!

  • kim s
    kim s

    The Lone Ranger :-)

  • rainesmom1

    I can' wait for The Great Gatsby! Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher, Tobey Maguire ~ the casting is incredible. Praying for no more delays on the projected May '13 release!!!

  • Dandy Schneader
    Dandy Schneader

    I'm looking forward to seeing Sarah Colonnas' film debut in "Old Days" of course the OZ movie is heavily challenging that!

  • Deana Kneen
    Deana Kneen

    The Great Gatsby

  • Denise Morse
    Denise Morse

    Star Trek Into Darkness!

  • Dalia

    Silver Linings Playbook! I love Jennifer Lawrence :)

  • Lisa Wartur
    Lisa Wartur

    Definitely Star Trek and Oz: The Great & Powerful

  • Katie Contests
    Katie Contests

    I'm most excited for the new Oz movie!

  • emily

    Elysium!! :) Neill Blomkamp is the BEST! <3

  • Ronald Oliver
    Ronald Oliver

    I am most excited about seeing 'Pacific Rim'! :) And of course, I would be REALLY excited to see the look on my wife's face if I were to be lucky enough and win this amazing prize pack and present it to her as a gift! Thanks for the chance. :D

  • Kurt

    I want to see Oz and War Z!

  • Bribas

    Oh man... Can't wait to see 'Admissions' with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey! :) Thank you!

  • ice t
    ice t

    the movie i am most excited to see is ancorman 2.. no need to explain, right?

  • JK

    I am most excited to see "Oz" in 2013. I think Michelle Williams will be great, she is always lovely on screen. James Franco is a personal favorite and Mila Kunis - what a great line up! Only one more month till is comes out :)

  • Sarah

    I am looking forward to seeing "42" The Jackie Robinson story. I've seen the trailers and it looks like a powerful movie.

  • TT

    I am super excited for the realease of Oz: The Great and Powerful! It looks visually stunning!

  • Brooke Hawe
    Brooke Hawe

    The Great Gatsby

  • Liz

    As far as movies that will be released soon go, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Oz: The Great and Powerful. I love Mila Kunis and James Franco! And Michelle Williams, too. Of course, I can't forget about Anchorman II coming in December (tentatively). I'm sure that'll be full of laughs!

  • Adrian Felix
    Adrian Felix

    I'm most excited for the new Wizard of Oz movie. The previews look fantastic! Please pick me Celebuzz!