Keith Urban’s Secret To Staying Sober: Love

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Nicole at Golden Globes
Kidman wowed in Alexander McQueen at this year's show.
Family Day
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban lunch with their daughter.
Keith Urban’s got one of the best support systems in the world — and her name is Nicole Kidman.

According to the country superstar’s pastor in Nashville, Urban’s relationship with his wife of nearly seven years has served as a rock for the “Better Life” singer, whose past includes addiction to cocaine and alcohol — and three stints in rehab.

“As an observer, I would say his faith is a strength,” Father Ed Steiner of The Cathedral of Incarnation exclusively told Celebuzz. “And as an observer, I would say Nicole’s faith has an influence on him as well — because he madly loves her.”

And they’re not afraid to show it in public.

“If I were to hear that they were breaking up, I think I would just have to give up my job,” Steiner said. “You know I’ve been doing this for 30 years, it’s the whole body language thing you just see it. Their body language suggests that they are a man and woman madly in love. The way you see them talk about the children . . . just to see them strolling about the campus they are like a couple that are clicking — it’s obvious.”

The pastor is also convinced that Kidman, 45, is much better off with Urban than her ex-husband Tom Cruise— a marriage Steiner thinks was destined to fail because of their wildly different religious beliefs.

“They don’t mix [Scientology and Catholicism]. They don’t mix. She’s a very passionate Catholic . . . I only know this from reports, not from them, that when they got married it was clear she was Catholic. The agreement going into marriages with him was ‘you do your thing, I’ll do mine.’”

However, Stenier admits that the Paperboy actress does not speak much about Cruise.

“My experience of Nicole and Keith is they’re not going to say anything ill of anyone else, even if they want to and even if they’re angry. They’re so content with who they are as people, that they’re not caught up in their own stardom.”

Kidman does, however, gush about her love for all four children — including her adopted kids with Cruise, Isabella and Connor. With Urban, the actress has two daughters Sunday Rose, 4, and 23-month-old Faith Margaret, who was born via a surrogate.

“Without betraying any confidences, she’s a happy mother. Very happy mother,” according to Steiner. “Like any parent, whether they are natural parents or adoptive parents, those are her children. No matter what happens, she’s always going to be their mother, even if she never acts in another movie.”

In fact, Kidman is currently busy trying to organize Faith Margaret’s baptism, but busy schedules have so far made it hard.

“It hasn’t happened yet, we’ve tried, but somebody couldn’t get here, somebody was sick, the baby was sick — sometimes it’s just difficult to strategize. Finding the time when they’re both in town and both sets of parents can get here at the same time, that’s a challenge,” Steiner said.

One thing that really impresses Father Steiner is how well disciplined little Sunday Rose is when she attends church.

“I don’t like the word strict — I would say they are parents that are teaching their children very properly. They set an example. It’s not lost on anybody.”

Urban, also 45, is a very hands-on dad and makes sure he gets to know everyone who interacts with Sunday Rose.

“At the times when they’ve had to take their daughter to the church nursery, Keith is not the type of father who just drops his daughter off. He visits with all our sitters, he visits with the religious Ed teachers. He interacts with other people’s children in a very, very positive way. What I’ve really experienced from him is what a loving father he is. Not too many fathers are as expressive in their love for their children as is he,” Father Steiner said.

When they’re not on set, the couple makes Nashville their home for several weeks at a time — attending church every Sunday.

“My experience of them is, if they are in town then they are at church,” said Steiner. “They clearly both take their faith very seriously.”

“[Nashville is] their home, there’s no doubt. I mean this is where they live. But their hearts will always be in Australia, that’s where their families are, that’s where they were raised. I suspect as with anybody that can do it they are going to be in both places for the rest of their lives.”

Check out the gallery, above, for photos of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s church in Nashville. Then tell us: What kind of role does religion play in your life?

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