‘Revenge’ Recap: Another Hamptons Day, Another Death… Or Two

'Revenge' Wedding
It's not a Hamptons wedding without a murder, too.
The looming murder on ABC’s Revenge — something that was glimpsed on the first episode of the season but only revealed with the most recent episode, “Sacrifice” — has been pretty much the only thing I have been interested in all season. Well, that and getting to know Aiden (Barry Sloane). So, it felt like a long time coming to finally get some answers.

Thankfully, the Revenge writers knew just how much anticipation was around this episode, especially after killing off only incidental characters throughout the rest of the season. So, the result was an hour chock full of changes — many more than just the fatal one we expected.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to see Sunday night’s “Sacrifice.”

“Sacrifice” started out as a continuation from its wedding-murder extravaganza of last week. Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda (Margarita Levieva) were out on The Amanda, on their honeymoon, with Nate Ryan (Michael Trucco) tagging along unbeknownst to the lovebirds, whining about how stories weren’t adding up, and someone had to pay for making him lose out on a bunch of Grayson money.

Just as Amanda was growing her strength — and growing on me — things took a turn for the worse, though. Nate had emptied Amanda’s gun of bullets, but she managed to talk him down from shooting her point-blank by spilling that she was really only in the Hamptons to get revenge on the Graysons for what happened to her dad, and she was willing to cut him a deal. She sweet-talked him while Jack found Declan’s old laptop on the boat and attempted to… well, I assume dial 911 through Skype? It wasn’t really clear.

What was abundantly clear, though, was the gunshot wound he received after Nate’s whining turned to being about the detriments of being married and a botched attempt to lock him up downstairs. Amanda set Jack adrift on a lifeboat, ignorantly assuming this selfless act was saving him and not merely dooming him to die of blood loss and dehydration on the high sea.

Of course, this was the perfect time for Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to turn up. After all, Emily, ever on alert, noticed Nate in the background of some of Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) late night photos of the lovebirds on the boat, and the two immediately set off for a little water rescue.

Nolan got Jack to safety, while Emily went after Amanda. The boat was taking on water (you know, bullet holes will do that!), and while Emily and Nate fought, a gas line was hit, too, resulting in an explosion seen in the previews for the episode. Nate was consumed, but so was Amanda, who went back for a necklace and left without her life. Emily searched the water for her friend-like-sister, and she actually found her in one piece. But, Amanda only had enough strength to deliver the soapy “take care of my family” dying wish to Emily before succumbing to her injuries.

It’s kind of a shame she had to go out now (though it was obvious once she started revealing too much of the real plan that she was a loose end to be tied; she was in way over her head!), and it made me feel even worse for Jack. Some of the last things he heard her say was that she was only with Jack as part of her way to stay in the Hamptons to get to the Graysons. Will he be able to believe she was just trying to appeal to Nate’s own evil side? Or will he gradually have more doubts and come out of this experience a more hardened man who believes his childhood sweetheart was a real b*tch after all?

Meanwhile, back at home in the Hamptons, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and crew were cleaning up Helen’s murder and planting a fight between mommy and son in his bugged office for the rest of the Initiative who didn’t yet know their fair leader was dead. Victoria asking the men in her life to unroll the dead body so she could put on Helen’s scarf to fool her driver was ridiculous, and yet I couldn’t help but love every soapy second. This season has taken characters off in a hundred different directions, but this was the overconfident Victoria we know and love!

Conrad (Henry Czerny) pushed up his gubernatorial announcement, and of course this was the perfect timing for the newest Initiative bad guy to turn up, asking questions about Helen, and making general threats towards the Grayson family. It’s far from over for them, but there are more powers mounting against them simultaneously, as Aiden securing some proof (a finger) that her father is still alive has officially turned Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) into a member of Team Revenge. She just doesn’t know all the details yet. And then there’s Daniel (Josh Bowman), who got his first look at just how far his family will go, and it seemed to leave the taste of bile in his mouth. I’d love to see him spiral down a rabbit hole of addiction (the first season hinted at his dependency issues anyway) in order to cope with the crime he helped cover up. I’m sure the show won’t go there, but it would go a long way towards making him sympathetic again.

Oh yeah, and Declan’s (Connor Paolo) air conditioner broke. That’s the most exciting thing to happen in his neck of the woods in awhile…

Buzz Moments

OMG!: The Graysons buried Helen under a new children’s hospital. Like those poor kids aren’t in enough pain; now they have to be haunted by ghost, too!?

Thank you, TV gods.: Conrad sending the Initiative after Amanda just has to end in his own detriment, too, right? The Initiative does the manipulating; it doesn’t take kindly to attempts at being manipulated!

Awk-ward: Emily and Nolan racing across the water to save their friends was Ringer pilot-level bad green screen.

Hotness: Jack may have just been putting on a show for Nate when he got angry and started yelling at Amanda about their sham relationship, but it was a good look for the guy who has, thus far, always been a good guy to the point of being a doormat.

Fab-u-lous: Emily VanCamp is an expert crier, and Sunday’s episode was the first real time she had reason to be severely upset by the turn of events (and death). Amanda was truly family for Emily, something that does not come in long supply, and she mourned her friend beautifully. Of course, she was probably mourning her carefully made plan, as well.

Can. Not. Wait.: Will Nolan buy Declan a new air conditioner!? Just kidding, no one cares about that. On a more serious note, will Amanda’s death inspire Emily to go doubly as hard at Conrad, as opposed to both elder Graysons?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8 – It was great to finally have answers on the mystery set up from the beginning of the season, but the additional death promises a lot of changes for both Emily’s and Conrad’s plans to come. Revenge is finally firing on all cylinders again.

What did you think of the deaths in “Sacrifice?” Sorry to see those characters go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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