Wheelchair-Bound Lady Gaga Visits Starbucks In Chicago (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

Send your well wishes to the injured Mother Monster.
It looks like a little hip injury won’t stop Lady Gaga from grabbing a cup of coffee.

Multiple eyewitnesses spotted the Born This Way singer doing exactly that at a Starbucks on Michigan Ave. in Chicago over the weekend, where she arrived in a wheelchair.

“She had a triple grande soy latte,” a Starbucks employee, who wished to remain anonymous, told Celebuzz on Sunday. “She seemed fine and was so nice.”

Last week, Gaga canceled the remaining leg of her Born This Way Ball tour due to a tear of her right hip that will require surgery.

“I’ve been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for sometime now, over the past month it has worsened,” she tweeted on Feb. 12.

Despite the injury, Gaga remained in high spirits during her 30-minute trip to Starbucks.

“She came in and was here for a while. She actually sat at one of our tables,” the employee told Celebuzz.

“She was in good spirits and was really nice and happy,” the employee added. “It just seemed like she wanted to come out and sit in coffee shop and relax. It was really because she’s so glamorous and she was just sitting down. In fact, we have a huge table, like community table, and she sat there. We couldn’t believe it.”

“She talked to the girl who made her drink about how she hurt her hip and how she was doing.”

Fans, too, were surprised the sighting, including 16-year-old superfan Diana M.

“Her security guard came next to me and told me she was in a lot of pain and recommended I don’t ask for pictures. I didn’t want to bother her at all. I just wanted to see her after hearing the bad news,” Diana told Celebuzz.

“I was casually looking around and doing my homework and making sure I wasn’t staring at her to make her feel uncomfortable, but every few minutes I would glance up at her and catch her looking at us,” she added.

“And then she would look away, and sip her coffee. She was casually talking to [her makeup artist] Tara [Savelo] and [assistant] Sonja, I couldn’t hear about what but she was not happy. I was guessing she was most likely out to get some business done or visit her boyfriend [Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney], wherever he was.”

“When she was done she rolled out of Starbucks with the help of her security guard and got in the car. Of course she couldn’t walk, she was holding a cane to help support herself into the car.”

Over the weekend, it was reported that losses from Gaga’s tour could top $25 million.

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