Meet Courtney Stodden’s Wacky Long-Lost Sister, Courtina (VIDEO)

Courtney's Outrageous
Relive Courtney Stodden's most-outrageous moments.
If you thought the whole Sasha Fierce thing was weird, then you may want to avoid meeting Courtina, the uniquely bizarre alter-ego of infamous teen bride Courtney Stodden.

In a video posted to YouTube over the weekend, an accent-heavy Courtina tells a long-winded, articulate story about how she came to find out that she and Stodden were actually related.

“One day I go to drug store and I pick up magazine. I flip through and all the sudden I see me. But no, no me.”

“She had blonde hair. I do not have blonde hair. I have brown hair. So, that’s the only difference.”

With that cleared up, the brunette bombshell goes on to explain how she actually got in touch with Stodden and how she was flown to Hollywood to hang out in her house, play with her dog, Dourtney, and record weird videos to send out to YouTube.

Little else is actually revealed about Courtina. Her accent is presumably Russian, but it sort of peters out in certain takes, and at times she sounds like she’s either Chinese-American or from the Bronx.

Either way, if she’s related to Courtney Stodden, clearly something is happening.

Check out Courtina’s introduction to the world in the video, above.

Stodden, now 18, became infamous in 2011 when she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison at the age of 16. She’s since gone on star in a lot of scantily clad photo shoots and, most recently, her own music video.