Watch: Meet The New Mrs. Winger

In CB!’s exclusive preview from Thursday’s “Community,” Annie assumes the wifey position.

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Jeff/Annie shippers should be pretty ecstatic about the developments on Thursday’s new episode of NBC’s Community.

The study group attends an Inspector Spacetime convention en masse. Of course, Jeff (Joel McHale) hasn’t arrived without an escape plan – that includes a getaway with Annie (Alison Brie).

But, his escape gets complicated when he finds out he’s the spitting image of an Inspector Spacetime character and a fan (played by beautiful Battlestar Galactica alum and Tron's Tricia Helfer) cozies up to him.

So, how does Annie deal with being pushed aside by Jeff? Apparently, she marries him -- sort of.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above.

Community airs Thursdays at 8PM on NBC.

With Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and Troy (Donald Glover) dating, do you want to see Jeff make it official with Annie?

Watch Brie freestyle rapping about Community on Jimmy Fallon below.

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  • Ant


  • Abby

    Yes. Jeff and Annie need to be a couple. Annie has grown up over the past few seasons.

  • MajorWesJanson

    I would love to see Jeff and Annie make it official. They are already acting like a couple this season. Annie is only attracted to Abed when he plays a "bad boy" type character, or pretends to be Jeff. Abed is still wrapped up in his own world, and has a hard time understand others, not the best basis for a relationship. Annie and Jeff though balance each other, and the chemistry has been there from the start.

  • Jethro Nededog
    Jethro Nededog

    I love when Abed and Annie show some attraction to each other too. It remains to be seen if that can happen outside of role playing, though.

  • Xerxes

    Nooooooooooooo! I want Abed and Annie as a couple!