How Do 3 Hot Guys Celebrate Their 21st Birthday?

Bartha's Third 'Hangover'
Todd Phillips lets the actor return for the third film.
“This is the day you get to tell every bouncer [I’m 21],” Miller (Miles Teller) tells his buddy Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) in 21 And Over. “This is a sacred rite of passage. It’s like when an eskimo kills his first penguin.”

The new comedy from writer-directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore takes place on Jeff’s birthday, which happens to fall on the day before his big medical exam. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the two guys who created The Hangover have something decidedly outrageous and irresponsible in mind for Jeff’s coming of age, including rampant alcohol consumption, fights, ritual spankings, and plenty of male and female flesh.

In a new TV spot exclusive to Celebuzz, the trio of friends make the questionable decision to celebrate Jeff’s big day, leading to all sorts of hilarious mayhem.

Miller leads the charge with an inspiring speech, insisting that the evening is a pivotal one in his young friend’s life which he will inevitably regret if he doesn’t celebrate, consequences be damned.

But after raucous hijinks ensue, the three buddies find themselves scrambling to recover as Jeff races to take his medical school exam. As Miller and Casey (Skylar Astin) struggle – and fail – to haul a passed-out Jeff through a window, Miller makes a moderately mature suggestion on how to wrap up the bacchanalian.

“One more party and then we’ll go home,” he says.

21 And Over opens in theaters March 1. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive clip and then let us know – how excited are you to see these three hot guys get into trouble?

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