Mindy McCready's Heartbroken Mom: 'I Wish I Could Hold Her In My Arms Again'

In her first interview since her daughter's apparent suicide on Sunday, McCready's mom reveals early plans for a memorial on Feb. 26 in Florida.

Mindy McCready Dead
The 37-year-old country singer committed suicide at her home. Read More »

Gayle Inge, the mother of country singer Mindy McCready, is speaking out for the first time since her daughter's apparent and tragic suicide on Sunday.

"I wish I could hold her in my arms again," a heartbroken Inge told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. "I will never get over this."

McCready, 37, was found dead at her home in Heber Springs, Ark., after police responded to reports of hearing gunshots. She died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to initial reports from the Cleburne County's sheriff's office.

As more details are sorted out, Inge says that she and her family are trying to find ways to cope with and mourn the loss of the "Ten Thousand Angels" singer.

"We break down and tell stories about her and laugh and talk about her and then break down again," Inge said. "We don’t know how to handle this or know what to do. We take it one day at a time."

Inge adds that her family is currently planning a memorial for her late daughter, tentatively set for Feb. 26. The date is subject to change, however, if preparations are not ready in time.

McCready's suicide ended a long and tragic life for the country singer, who battled multiple arrests, addictions and suicide attempts leading up to her death.

In January, her boyfriend and father of one of her children, David Wilson, was also found dead, reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The following month, McCready's two children -- Zander, 6, and Zayne, 10 months -- were removed from her home and a judge ordered her to enter a treatment facility for mental health and alcohol issues.

She was released into outpatient treatment one day later.

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  • MiMi 2four
    MiMi 2four

    Her mother is a HUGE reason Mindy's not here.

  • Friend of the Family
    Friend of the Family

    This is also to the anonymous person, making ignorant assumptions, about Mindy's mother. You have no idea what you are talking about!!!!!!! Anyone that knew Mindy and knows her mother, knows that Gayle tried to help her Daughter, as much as she possibly could. Yes her brothers did move to Nashville when they were sixteen, but her Mom moved in with Mindy, shortly after. This was 20 years ago and a lot of things have changed since then. Ask either one of the brothers and they will tell you the same thing and that their mother is an amazing mother now. Gayle raised Zander for 5 years and despite all of the custody issues and things that were said in the media, she has never said a bad thing to a reporter about Mindy. People only her one side of the story, which isnt even true most of the time. Even after everything, Mindy still talked to her mom, almost every day in the last several months. .....................So just remember.... This was someone's Sister, Daughter and Mother.... Her son's will see this someday. This family is seriously hurting right now, so if you dont have anything nice to say, especially if you dont know them personally or have any idea what you are talking about, keep your comments to yourself.

  • purple majesty
    purple majesty

    Her mother is another religious nutcase who really helped hasten Mindy's demise. Read her mother's blog. So much rhetoric and no substance. Wouldn't you immediately fly to your daughter and help her if this had happened to her? You do not kick a dog when they are down, so to speak. So to file for custody of those kids right after the boyfriend dies was just too much for Mindy. Please notice that Mindy took care of her brothers when she was young and supported them with her music career. So where was her mother then? So sad. I hope the boys end up somewhere safe. McKnight is a very dangerous man and I feel so bad for the son if he has to go back to him.

  • Shawn L. Bushway
    Shawn L. Bushway

    "Take my kids because someone has an issue" well of course - it's not about you. The state wouldn't take the kids when you don't have issues. There had been a suicide by the father and she was an emotional wreck - of course you take away the kids if only temporarily. This way the mother can focus on her own issues and getting the kids back would be her motivation.

  • Shawn L. Bushway
    Shawn L. Bushway

    This is to the loser not even brave enough to leave his/her name who suggests that the mother didn't try to help the daughter. How do you know? Despite the best of intentions by friends and family people still commit suicide. Lets just hope you don't breed.

  • Mom who cares
    Mom who cares

    Been there and done it too... Take my kids because someone has an issue??? Wish that I could have talked to her. Probably many more people too. Sad that a talent was taken away. Seems that is always goes that way and WHAT a talent she had to offer!!!! RIP and meet you someday:)

  • Mom who cares
    Mom who cares

    Her mother should have helped her... go figure that she is crying now.... she is the real stupid biasche!