Fresh-Faced And Wild-Eyed: See This Year’s Oscar Nominees Back In The Day

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2013 Oscar Noms
A complete list of the 2013 Academy Award nominations.
Many of this year’s Oscar nominees have been in the business for a very, very, very long time.

Just look at Lincoln star Sally Field, who had to fight her way through the studio systems in the ’60s before she could ever hope of winning two Oscars and an additional third nomination.

Then there’s Denzel Washington, who spent much of the ’80s on the small screen, and Jacki Weaver, who sang (quite beautifully, we might add) on Australian television the ’60s.

But what did they actually look like when they were just starting out?

Celebuzz has pulled together some images of Field, Washington, Weaver and more of Oscar’s latest batch of nominees as they were just getting their foots in the door.

See the highlights, below.

Sally Field, 1965

Robert De Niro, 1977

Denzel Washington, 1986

Emmanuelle Riva, 1965

Naomi Watts, 1993

Alan Arkin, 1972

Helen Hunt, 1987

Ben Affleck, 1997

Steven Spielberg, 1979

Joaquin Phoenix, 1984

Daniel Day-Lewis, 1989

Philip Seymour Hoffman, 1991

Hugh Jackman, 1997

Anne Hathaway, 1999

Jacki Weaver, 1966

All images courtesy of Getty Images