What Did You Have To Say About This Week’s Hottest TV Shows?

TV Recap: Fan Edition
What did you have to say about last week's TV shows?
Happy Wednesday, TV watchers.

Which shows did you watch this week? Did anything stand out for you? How about that Downton Abbey finale? Is anyone still tuned in to Smash?

Celebuzz recaps many TV shows, but we also really love hearing from you. That is why we feature your comments about today’s best TV programs in a weekly feature called TV Recap: Fan Edition.

And if you would like to have your thoughts and opinions featured, simply leave comments on any of our TV recap posts. Then tune in next week to see if your comment has been selected.

See some of our favorite reader recaps after the jump.

“Great episode! They reeled me in again — just when I thought…” – Robb7, on this week’s Revenge

“Adrienne asked for proof and Brandi gave it to her with regards to the Chef talking smack and the lawsuit. Even THEN Adrienne won’t admit she was wrong. IMO, Adrienne just needs to own up to it, or at least not cover for that shady chef of hers.” – Jillian Bowe on this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Adrienne is such a cow! Brandi is right money does not give you class just money. Adrienne is a down right nasty person. She took out her frustrations on Brandi instead of admitting the truth and leaving her husband who she obviously has disliked for a lengthy period of time.” – brandi fan on this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

And that’s all we have this week, folks. Remember, if you would like your thoughts featured in next week’s TV Recap: Fan Edition, simply leave comments on your favorite TV recap posts. See you next week!

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