Dwayne Johnson, From Tutus To Takedowns

In 2013, it seems like everything’s turning up Dwayne Johnson. In the next 12 months, Johnson has three dramatically different projects coming to theaters: the thrill ride Fast & Furious 6, black comedy Pain & Gain, and this Friday, the crime thriller Snitch.

The variety of genres these projects span epitomizes his evolution from “former wrestler” into multidimensional performer, able to move easily from comedy to action to virtually any genre or project Hollywood throws at him.

That said, there was a time when Johnson was known almost exclusively as “The Rock,” and associated with professional wrestling rather than being the most charming and likeable star in the entertainment industry.

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Celebuzz has been a fan of the actor since he charmed us in The Rundown, and has since carried a broad range of movies through some sometimes lackluster premises (seriously, brother? The Tooth Fairy?).

Nevertheless, we still love Dwayne Johnson, whether he’s taking bad guys down or wearing a tutu.

Snitch opens in theaters nationwide Friday. Watch the film’s trailer and then let us know in the comments – how eager are you to see Johnson’s latest?

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