Stars’ Red Carpet Slimdown Secrets

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This year, Hollywood’s leading ladies have even more reason to have their nutritionists and trainers on speed dial.  The season’s hottest red carpet trends — sheer, cutouts, slits and mermaid silhouettes — have left starlets little wiggle room (literally) in the diet and fitness departments.

But believe it or not, those flawless figures strutting down the red carpet aren’t just the work of superior genetics — nor are they the result of endless gym marathons and starvation streaks.

The reality is, between filming, promoting and red carpeting, the red carpet’s biggest stars just don’t have time to live at the gym. That’s why they rely on the slimming and sculpting tricks of Tinsletown’s top health and fitness experts — and now you can too.

To find out the secrets behind some of the red carpet’s hottest bodies, we turned to the experts responsible for whipping them into shape.

Whether or not you are prepping for your own version of a red carpet moment, or you just want to get slim and sculpted for spring, check out the tricks celebrity trainers use to get their celebrity clients camera-ready in no time.

Click through the gallery for stars’ red carpet slim-down secrets.

What are your tricks for shaping up fast? Share your go-to diet and fitness tips.

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