Celebuzz Launches A Movie-Centric Twitter Handle

Follow @Celebuzz_Movies as Senior Film Editor Todd Gilchrist live-tweets the Oscar ceremony Sunday night – from backstage!

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Celebuzz has long been the destination for coverage of the latest celebrity news. But the site is just as interested in the movies in which those celebrities appear as the celebrities themselves, and we now have a Twitter handle to prove it: @Celebuzz_Movies.

While we’re still in the early stages of separating out that movie-centric content and promoting it on Twitter, we’re making a big splash on Sunday, February 24 as we live tweet the Academy Awards – from back stage, no less.

Yep, expect to hear comments in reaction to wins and losses, and even some real-time quotes from stars and celebrities as they step back stage to talk about taking home Oscar gold.

Otherwise, make @Celebuzz_Movies your destination for all of the latest news, interviews, and in-depth coverage of your favorite movies!


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