Does Melissa Rivers Miss Hosting the Oscars’ Red Carpet? ‘Not At All’

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For years, Melissa Rivers and her mother, Joan, were red carpet staples on television, hosting every major awards show for E! and, later, the TV Guide Channel.

But looking back on her experience, the 45-year-old television star — who is now an executive producer forE!’s Fashion Police — says she doesn’t miss the experience at all.

“I feel like it’s become so controlled,” she told Celebuzz in a recent interview. “It’s fun to watch still, but I feel like It’s become so homogenized and everyone is so careful. I miss the days of people not being so guarded. I miss the days when it looked like people were actually having fun.”

“I loved every minute of it, but you always want to leave the party at the right time,” she added.

These days, Rivers still has a connection to the Oscars. In addition to working on Fashion Police, she’s teamed up with Blockbuster for its Awards Night “Fan”-tasy Movie League, in which Oscar-lovers can log on and cast their own ballots.

“You get to basically be in a giant pool,” she said. “It’s like what everyone does at the office, or at home or at their Oscar parties. We all think we’re all so slick and smart. So, c’mon. Let’s lay it down and see what we’ve got!”

She’s also gearing up for the brand-new season of Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?.

“It’s really about crossing boundaries this year,” she said of the new season. “You get into a lot of stuff that’s very personal. You get to see my relationship with my ex-husband. I decided this year that I needed to get into therapy and start to figure out why I’m not able to have constantly positive relationship with men. That’s very revealing.”

“I got a lot of perspective. I think I grew a lot, emotionally, in the last year, and that is in the season.”

Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? premieres Saturday night at 9/8c on WE.