‘Snitch’: How Much Do Critics Like Dwayne Johnson’s New Crime Thriller?

'Snitch' vs. 'Dark Skies'
Which film are you more excited about?
The movie repertoire of Dwayne Johnson is nothing if not a roller coaster of ups and downs. With each good film, there seems to be a smattering of bad films — in the eyes of critics, at least. However, Johnson’s latest movie, Snitch, could be a serious “up” for the actor.

Scheduled for release on Friday, February 22nd, the crime-drama revolves around a freight company owner who gets involved in the inner workings of drug cartels in order to save his son from a life in prison. The margin for error in this type of film is colossal: It’s easy for directors and actors in action films to get too trigger happy, so to speak, and overrun the movie with literal action, with no substance to make it mean anything emotionally.

Having said that, early reviews of the film are in, and the general critical consensus is that it’s a surprisingly effective showcase for Johnson’s acting chops.

Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“What’s surprising about Snitch is that, rather than taking the reductive path of offering innocuous emotional uplift or one-man-army action, it generates a feeling of real desperation and fear as it shows a man getting in way over his head when he takes on some very bad guys. In other words, this is a pretty good film starring an actor named Dwayne Johnson, not a commodity with The Rock as a hood ornament…”

Peter Debruge, Variety

“It’s nice to have actors of [Susan] Sarandon and [Barry] Pepper’s caliber onboard for the office-bound wheeler-dealer scenes, but mostly, it’s the prospect of witnessing Johnson at the helm of an 18-wheeler as he rams his way through machine-gun fire that excites…”

Richard Roeper, RogerEbert.com

“Who would have guessed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would deliver the best work of his career playing a guy who squares off against a pack of small-time street thugs — and winds up face down on the ground, his mug bloodied and his wallet gone…”

Chris Knight, The National Post

“There isn’t much to dislike about Snitch, but it’s not the most subtle of movies. [Director, Ric Roman] Waugh uses a trowel to apply his message, when a fine brush would do. But Johnson knows how to radiate charm and integrity, while still managing to be believable in the car-chase shoot-’em-up that is the film’s climax…”

Lou Lumenick, The New York Post

“Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson eschews his usual action heroics until way too late in this weepy melodrama, which begins with his naive teenage son being arrested by the feds after being set up with a delivery of Ecstasy by a pal trying to avoid a drug rap…”

Edward Douglas, ComingSoon.net

“Snitch offers an incredible human story in following John Matthews’ journey, one filled with tension and drama, and it leaves you thinking in a way we rarely get from typical “action movies” these days…”

So, after the review roundup, will you be going to see Snitch? Or are you afraid it will just be another mindless action movie? Sound off below!

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