The 10 Most Outrageous Oscar Acceptance Speeches

Biggest Oscar Upsets
See the folks whose Academy Award wins shocked auds.
It isn’t a live show without a little controversy.

In between all the glitz and glamour, the podium at the Oscars has provided some pretty shocking moments over the years.

Take it from the winners themselves: From F-bombs to politically-fueled rants, delivering the perfect acceptance speech in front of millions of viewers can cause even the most poised actor or filmmaker to fall under pressure.

At the same time, not all speeches go awry. Whether they’re tearfully thanking their parents or jumping for joy, those few minutes in the spotlight, with the golden statue in hand, can be the most gratifying and humbling moment in a celebrity’s career.

While accepting the award for Best Original Screenplay in 1998, Good Will Hunting stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were so overcome with happiness they drifted away from their formal thank-yous and began yelling out all the names they could remember mid-way through their speech.


In turn, Angelina Jolie raised many, many eyebrows among Academy members when she infamously professed her love for her brother James Haven (whom she also shared a smooch with before taking the stage) as she accepted the honor for Best Supporting Actress for her work in 1999’s Girl, Interrupted.


Most recently, Melissa Leo drove the FCC’s censors wild after dropping an unexpected F-bomb while taking home a win for her supporting role in The Fighter in 2010.


So, who else gave the Academy something to talk about? Click through the gallery for more some of the Oscars’ most outrageous acceptance speeches!

Then tell us: Who do you think will give the most memorable speech this year? (If she wins, our money’s on Jennifer Lawrence). Sound off in the comments, below.

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