Can You Guess The Oscar Nominees From These Old-School Snaps?

Oscars 2013
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The red carpets weren’t always rolling out for this year’s batch of Academy Award nominees.

Before the big screen roles, seven-figure salaries and fawning fans, movie stars started out as ordinary people. Sure, after decades in the spotlight, Oscar hopefuls like Robert De Niro, Sally Field, Steven Spielberg and Denzel Washington are some of the most familiar faces in the industry.

But that wasn’t always true.

Before bursting into the spotlight, their now-famous mugs might not have caught so much as a singular glance amongst a crowd on Hollywood Boulevard.

So as we count down the final hours to the award season’s most-anticipated ceremony, Celebuzz takes a trip back in time to see what this year’s crop of nominees looked like before they scored their 2013 Oscar nomination.

Was Bradley Cooper just as eye-catching before hitting it big? Was Denzel Washington distinguished even decades before becoming the most-nominated African American in the history of the Oscars? And was Anne Hathawayalways big-screen beautiful?

Find out by taking a peek at our blast-from-the-past the gallery. Scroll through to see if you can guess the Oscar nominee from their pre-fame photos.

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