17 Reasons Why Charlize Theron Was The True Winner At The 2013 Academy Awards

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She wasn’t even nominated at this year’s Academy Awards, but — in several surprising turn of events — Charlize Theron somehow stole the show.

The Oscar winner, who was at the Hollywood event Sunday to present the awards for Best Original and Adapted Screenplay, was one of the most talked-about actresses during and after the ceremony, with her name as one of Google’s top trending topics the following day.

So, what’s the secret to Theron? Why were spectators — including fellow presenter Dustin Hoffman — so drawn to the Young Adult actress?

Read on as Celebuzz tries to break down this mystery.

She looked flawless in this Christian Dior Couture gown.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, she was rocking a fierce pixie cut.

She chopped off her locks for Mad Max: Fury Road, proving that she’s willing to commit to any role.

This is only three months of hair growth, but she looks like she’s been the HBIC of Hollywood for years.

She was blinged out. Like, at least wearing $1.6 million worth of Harry Winston jewels.

But she’s humble too: she brought her mom as her date. Adorbs!

Once inside the Dolby Theatre, she got to dance with the one and only Channing Tatum. We’re jealous too.

But she looked so good while doing so, we can’t hate her for that.

Such grace.

Such poise.

She played along with host Seth MacFarlane when he joked that he saw her boobs.

She got to hug Dustin Hoffman when they presented together.

They laughed as he complimented her on her wonderful dancing.

And she reacted the same way all of us would have if an Oscar winner told us we were great dancers.

When it came time to handing out the Oscar, she did this.

And winner Quentin Tarantino didn’t mind at all. In fact, he high-fived her backstage.

After the ceremony, she partied like a boss all while making sure she accessorized with a good clutch.

All hail Queen Charlize! You stay awesome.

All photos courtesy of Getty Images. Gifs courtesy of Tumblr and Vulture.