Look: Kim And Kanye Get Steamy On Cover Of L’Officiel Hommes

The couple’s racy new cover is for the French publication’s Spring 2013 issue.


It’s getting hot in here!

Kim Kardashian shares a passionate moment with boyfriend Kanye West for the cover of L’Officiel Hommes magazine.

The cover, shot by photographer Nick Knight, is for the French fashion publication’s Spring 2013 issue. Knight also worked with Kardashian, 32, for her Spanish V Magazine cover last fall.

It’s been a big day for Kardashian and magazine covers. The pregnant star is also the cover girl for Cosmopolitan’s April 2013 issue.

“2013 for me is about scaling back. I want to focus on the few projects that I’m super passionate about and not spread myself too thin,” she tells Cosmo.

On Monday, Kardashian took to Twitter to express how much she missed her nephew Mason, writing “I miss this guy so much!!!!,” along with a photo of herself and the little tot.

The reality star also showed some love for her beau.

“I miss him too!!!!” she wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of herself and West.

What do you think of Kim and Kanye’s racy magazine cover? Weigh in below.

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  • Just saying :)
    Just saying :)

    Personally not a fan of either of them ( more so Kanye), but also a believer people can... change, Picture is a little much personally. I think they could of choose a better one.. But to each their own ..right.. But in defense to people who are making fat comments, She is pregnant not fat.. -.0 there is a HUGE difference. She is a beautiful woman, even being pregnant, That's my opinion. :)

  • hotwasabi21

    She's doing her best to embarass her future child! Classless photo- there's so many different things they could've done than have her humping him!! But what do you expect from two narcissistic attention-seekers??!!

  • my view
    my view

    she called to that Class and have a private life? . . . to funny kim said her wedding would be better than william and kate . . . it shows that money can not buy class

  • Nancy Bailey-Santoniello
    Nancy Bailey-Santoniello

    I thought Kanye wanted to stay out of the publicity with Kim! HHMM I guess Mama Chris is doing her thing!!

  • Tay

    SEX-y ......PIC...!!!

  • lee

    get a life and leave kim and kanye alone>>asshole

  • lee

    jobless low life watch ur mouth and stop hating on her

  • lee

    fucking pig she is pregnant nt fat fucking asshole

  • lee

    stop hating and go screw ur self

  • Anon

    seems a lot less legit when kanye's on stage going super saiyan

  • Su Z Q
    Su Z Q

    Oh how nice to re-enact a sex act you had with Ray J on the cover with your squirrel cheeked man. And they're having a girl...shes going to follow mama's hoe style.


    OMG how tacky can this hoe get? Niiice Pic to have of your MOM .....HOW SHE GOT PREGNANT

  • Francine

    She's not fat, she's pregnant. And wishing for a handicapped child is low, you should learn some humility yourself.

  • Anonymous

    fuck she's fat - her and that pos she's fucking are animal murderers and i hope karma hits them in the form of a severely handicapped child. that may teach them some humility

  • Anonymous

    omg would these two disgusting pos go away already? That picture is just so gross. Her ugly gaping mouth and his greasy back - i just puked in my mouth :-P

  • gina

    So sexy, I love this cover.

  • Leah Loopy Hollister-Barber
    Leah Loopy Hollister-Barber

    that is a stunning photo