Which Celeb Hid From The Paparazzi By Wearing A Gas Mask?

This pop superstar went to pretty great lengths to dodge the London paparazzi on Monday.

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We've seen celebrities go to great lengths to avoid getting their picture taken by the paparazzi -- but this latest attempt by Justin Bieber might take the cake.

The 18-year-old pop phenom put on a gas mask (yes, a gas mask) as he tried to make a clean getaway in London on Monday.

Bieber had been shopping Acne Studios when the cameras showed up.

Of course, being the sneaky people that they are, the paparazzi still managed to get a frame or two of Bieber without the mask on as he did his shopping.

But, hey, at least he got the last laugh.

Bieber -- who split from girlfriend Selena Gomez at the end of last year -- is currently in London for the UK leg of his uber-popular Believe tour, which kicked off in Manchester last Friday.

He was recently spotted attending a Justin Timberlake concert with a brunette named Paige Roberts-Clarke. To learn more about her story, click here.

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  • virgy

    perche รจ com la maschera anti gas

  • lee

    mehn shut the hell up u guyz keep hating on this dude

  • Toni

    Disguise? No, since it just draws more attention anyways. So, he just comes off less likeable to me..