Meet J-Law’s Biggest Fan

Jennifer Lawrences hits the beach in Hawaii
Hollywood’s finest gave Jennifer Lawrence a standing ovation when she collected her Academy Award on Sunday night — and 2,000 miles away, her biggest fan was joining in the applause.

“I’m so happy that she won – she is a great friend and strong person,” Andy Strunk, who celebrated the Silver Linings Playbook star’s victory with family and friends at his home in Louisville, Kentucky, told Celebuzz.



Lawrence and Andy have been buddies for 10 years since they took classes together at Kammerer Middle School in Louisville. And since then, he’s certainly earned rights to call himself Lawrence’s most ardent admirer: he owns a cherished collection of her movie memorabilia that he proudly showed to her the last time she visited her hometown, plus his bedroom is adorned with posters from the starlet’s movies The Hunger Games and A Winter’s Bone.

On Sunday, Andy, who has Down Syndrome, even threw a party in Lawrence’s honor.

“Jennifer did a great job, and both me and my family are very happy that she won the Oscar,” he said. “I jumped out of my seat with excitement and yelled, ‘She won, she won!’ I was very excited.”

“I cannot wait to see her again when she comes home with her Oscar,” added the 23-year-old, who even donned a tuxedo and helped prepare a special Silver Linings Playbook cake for the bash.


Andy’s mom, meanwhile, is delighted that her son got to celebrate his famous friend’s win over fellow contenders Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhane Wallis.

“Andy went all out for the Oscars — he wanted to look the part with his tux,” Pollyanna Strunk said. “He even put silver sprinkles on a special Silver Linings Playbook cake for luck.

“Jennifer’s aunt [Cindy Miller] personally dropped of a signed poster of Silver Linings Playbook to our home yesterday — that was such a sweet gesture.”

“Naturally, we are all delighted that she won as she is a fantastic actress and person, but Andy was especially thrilled.”

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