Justin Bieber Drops $3,000 In One Hour (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

Justin Bieber has money to burn and is taking advantage of his down time during his UK tour by hitting up all the shops.

The teen millionaire was spotted doing some serious shopping at super exclusive Acne Studios in London where he splashed out at least $3,000 in one hour, Celebuzz has learned.

So what grabbed the style icon’s expensive eye? Rock star leather, of course, fit for the teen king of pop.

He bought not one, not two, but three pairs of leather pants to go with his newest accessory — a rubber gas mask, while leaving the hip store on London’s Dover Street.

“Our leather trousers can run from $1000 to $1200 a pair,” a sales assistant from their New York store told Celebuzz.

And it wouldn’t be a shopping spree without the VIP treatment at the hip boutique after his management called in advance to say the “Baby” singer was going to pay them a visit with his entourage.

“When Justin arrived he was taken to a special area to look at some clothes, although we did not shut down the store to the general public,” a store insider in London told Celebuzz.

“He was in a good mood and nobody troubled him – he particularly liked some leather trousers and bought a few pairs.”

And the newly-inked 19-year-old is in good company. The store is no stranger to celeb encounters with singer Florence Welch stopping by recently, the employee revealed.

By the time Bieber left the London store several teenage girls had already gathered outside the boutique hoping to meet their idol.

But the singing sensation wasn’t in the mood to let them steal any kisses after he covered his face with the bizarre black gas mask.

The young star seems to have put his recent split with Selena Gomez behind him with some retail therapy after it was also reported he did some shoe shopping with will.i.am at Harrods and ordered £500 worth of room service during his stay in Manchester.

Insiders revealed Bieber’s crew ordered burgers, steaks, chips and desserts at five-star Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, all washed down with vodka, setting them back about $750.

According to The Sunday Mirror, the fresh-faced singer also brought out the cash to impress aspiring British singer Ella Paige by taking her on a date in a Rolls Royce… just one night after taking her to Justin Timberlake’s BRIT Awards post-party concert.

The romantic crooner sent the Rolls Royce to her home and escort her to the posh Lanesborough Hotel in London where suites can cost over $3,000 a night.

It seems money is no option’when Bieber is in town, but when you have an estimated net worth of $110 million then maybe you can afford to blow some cash here and there.

Tell us what you think — should Justin Bieber be saving his money for a rainy day? Leave your comments, below.

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