What Makes Skye Tick On ‘Cult’?

Skye hasn’t told us all there is to know about her extensive knowledge of the Billy Grimm Universe on The CW’s Cult. As of last week’s episode, she’s just a curious production assistant who’s done her research.

Or is it really that simple?

“There is something that you find out in the second episode that reveals what her true motivations are,” Jessica Lucas, who plays Skye, told Celebuzz. “Not only why she’s working on the show, but also why she’s so interested in finding out about Steven Ray and everything behind Cult.”

On the premiere episode, we learned that Skye’s father mysteriously disappeared, leaving no trace of his whereabouts. She teams up with Jeff (Matt Davis), a journalist whose brother has also gone missing and all the evidence as to why points right back to “Cult,”a show with a large fan base surrounding it. Lucas’ character Skye works in the show’s research department.

But, fans will soon discover that Skye is more than just a “Curious Cathy.”

“She has her own reasons. Obsessed is a good word. She’s had something traumatic happen in her life,” said the 24-year-old. “She’s already been researching this thing for a while, but she’s had a lot of doubts and she’s hit a lot of walls.”

Jeff, a journalist, uses his reporting skills to get to the bottom of his brother’s disappearance. And with the help of Skye, the duo join forces to find their missing loved ones.

“When Jeff comes along, because his brother has disappeared, it just reaffirms everything she’s been thinking,” revealed Lucas. “And she finally has a partner and somebody to delve into this a little deeper with.”

“I think that pushes her to continue on her quest to finding her father,” she continued. “At the moment, she’s left with a lot of questions. She refuses to give up on him [her father]. ”

Although we get a glimpse of a possible love connection during the pilot, fans should expect things to get weird before they get romantic.  “I don’t know if it’s appropriate for them to carry on a normal relationship,” Lucas, who returns to the network after appearing on its canceled Melrose Place reboot, said.

“There is definitely going to be a lot of that sexual tension played out, but we’re dealing with some crazy things that are going on around us. So, they play with that — a lot. ”

On the possibility of romance between Jeff and Skye, Davis told us, “While there are [romantic] moments that are between the Jeff and Skye character, their primary journey is to discover their missing family.”

“Throughout that journey they become really close friends, more than anything. Friends that actually fall in love with each other, but as friends first,” the former Vampire Diaries alum continued.

Cult airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW.

Do you agree with keeping the duo as friends this season? Or would you rather see them hook up sooner than later?

Watch Robert Knepper talk Cult below.

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