Why Does Keri Russell Say Her Supernatural Thriller ‘Dark Skies’ Isn’t A ‘Scary Movie’?

'Dark Skies' Reviews
How scared are critics of Keri Russell's new horror film?
It’s been more than a decade since Felicity went off the air, but Keri Russell remains associated with the wholesome, idealistic world within that show. Until now, that is: playing a mother in the supernatural thriller Dark Skies, she hopes to show a different side of herself to audiences.

That said, Russell says she doesn’t think of it as a genre movie at all. Rather, she insists that its supernatural elements are merely metaphors for much more identifiable issues.

“It’s not a scary movie to me,” Russell tells Celebuzz. “It’s a mom protecting family movie.”

In Dark Skies, Russell plays Lacy Barrett, a mom who rallies around her family after a series of unexplained phenomena begin occurring in her home.

Russell admits that she’d been offered horror films in the past, but only agreed to do this one because it possessed – so to speak – story elements that were relatable to real people.

“I had not been drawn to do one, but this script, I though it felt like Poltergeist to me,” Russell explains. “It was this real at its heart just a family story about keeping out outside forces – kind of a metaphor for that. The scary stuff is just the metaphor of that.”

Dark Skies opened Friday, February 22 in theaters nationwide. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Russell and then let us know in the comments below – how scary was this movie to you?

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