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What did Celebuzz readers say about last week's shows?
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What did we learn from our favorite TV shows this week, Celebuzzers? Well, we all learned that Seth MacFarlane does not make a great Oscars host. We learned maybe more than we wanted to know about urinary tract infections from this week’s Girls. We also learned how to live! To laugh! To love! Or something.

Celebuzz recaps many TV show and events, but we also really love hearing from you. That is why we feature your comments about today’s best TV programs in a weekly feature called TV Recap: Fan Edition.

And if you would like to have your thoughts and opinions featured, simply leave comments on any of our TV recap posts. Then tune in next week to see if your comment has been selected.

See what else we learned — and our favorite reader recaps — after the jump.

“Seth MacFarlane did not suck at all. That little girl is going to grow up to be really full of herself. J Law kicks ass.” – Mlss, who teaches us that it is OK to disagree with pretty much everyone else in the entire world about Seth MacFarlane’s hosting duties on our GIF recap of the Oscars.

“Aw it was nice of Jane Fonda to come dressed as a mustard bottle even though it’s not Halloween.” – HorseGirl, who taught us that yellow is not everyone’s color during our Comment Party.

“Sean has made a huge mistake. Catherine is an adorable girl, but she will hate living in Dallas, Texas. She will regret leaving her job at Amazon. I don’t see them lasting at all.” – Lea, who thinks Catherine may learn a thing or two about regret on The Bachelor.

“I am so proud of AshLee leaving with her dignity. She was exactly right about it being all about giggling and acting bubbly. Catherine’s sisters told Sean that she can have mood swings. Like I said, Catherine is an adorable and intelligent young lady, but she will not want to give up her life in Seattle. She is too young for Sean, and I would be surprised if she will be able to accept Sean’s earnest and fundamental religiousnous.” – Lea (again), a bonafide The Bachelor expert.

Lastly, Murny learned how to share GIFs in our comments on this Girls recap:

Not my favorite episode but worth it for this part:

And that’s what you had to say this week, folks. Remember, if you would like your thoughts featured in next week’s TV Recap: Fan Edition, simply leave comments on your favorite TV recap posts. See you next week!

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