‘American Idol’ Recap: Judges Choose Top 10 Ladies

'Idol': Girls On Fire
Let's hear it for the girls.
Five more women were sent packing on Wednesday’s episode of American Idol. The FOX show continued its sudden death elimination round to form the Top 10 ladies list.

Last week judges struggled through the their tough decisions, ultimately settling on Tenna Torres, ?Adrianna Latonio, ?Kree Harrison, ?Angela Miller and? Amber Holcomb.

With five more cuts to make, the judges have their work cut out for them.

Nicki Minaj holds court as the panel’s tough truth-teller and Keith Urban continues his streak of loving enthusiasm. Mariah Carey is pretty mild-mannered throughout the night and Randy Jackson jumps between being overly critical in some cases and a little too complimentary in others.

Nobody blew me away with their vocals, but there were a few surprising showings from the female contenders. Judges also made some questionable calls when it came down to the cut.

Fifteen-year-old Juliana Chayahed gives an amazing performance that I never expected from the soft-spoken teenager. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, she sings Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” beautifully. She is cool and composed onstage and exudes a quiet confidence that wasn’t evident before. The judges seem to like it, but think she struggled with pitch. I think she’s definitely through, but I’m wrong and she’s going home. Sad.

Legal assistant, Jett Hermano has been lying low until this episode. She plays the piano for her turn at Rihanna’s “Only Girl In The World” and displays some serious vocal chops. The judges like the arrangement and think she has a strong voice, but ultimately decide to send her packing at the end of the night.

Rachel Hale is the country-singing sweetheart whose quiet confidence has been consistent until tonight. She’s on fire during her rendition of Potter & The Nocturnals’ “Nothin’ But The Water.” Although judges praised her performance, they didn’t let her through, opting instead to keep the other country cutie, Janelle Arthur.

Aubrey Cleland is a bit of a shocker, because I hadn’t noticed her until now. How did I miss that face? She is absolutely gorgeous and she looks like a bona fide star already. Her slowed down version of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams” was sizzling and solidified her spot in the Top 10.

Breanna Steer proves she has a knack for performing with her sassy song choice. She sings Jasmine Sullivan’s “I’ll Bust The Windows Out Your Car” and is a very convincing scorned lover. Although her voice isn’t that strong, I’m not surprised when the judges let her through. She’s got a great look, compelling story, and endearing energy. Still, she could be eaten alive with pipes like Candice Glover’s waiting in the wings.

I’m certain that Glover is going to Hollywood the moment she sings the first word of Carole King’s“Natural Woman.” The song is perfectly suited for her voice and she delivers it effortlessly. Her voice is easily the strongest of the night and she sails right through this round.

Wild woman Zoanette Johnson steals the show again with an unexpectedly decent performance of  Elton John’s “Circle of Life.” I’m still not sold on the vocals, but at least she seems to take the competition seriously at this point. I’m also surprised to learn that she’s a Liberian immigrant, who escaped the war-torn country at age five.

The story makes me like her a bit more. I do think the judges go overboard with a standing ovation, but I’m starting to see the charm the panel has been so consumed by peek through the craziness. I’m not as annoyed as usual when the judges let her through. Hell, why not? She’s super sweet and very entertaining. Go Zoanette!

Did the judges get it right? Which Top 10 Female are you rooting for?

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