Anderson Is ‘On Team Hathaway’ — Are You?

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Silence, haters.

Instead of the usual pomp and circumstance that comes with an Academy Award, Anne Hathaway has faced a backlash since snagging Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Miserables. Hathaway’s cult of critics — so-called Hathahaters — have been bashing the actress, taking aim at everything from her decision to ditch Valentino for Prada on the Oscars red carpet to her overly-rehearsed acceptance speeches throughout awards season.

But not everyone is hopping on the anti-Hathaway bandwagon. Just days after Girls creator Lena Dunham jumped to the Oscar-winner’s defense, newsman Anderson Cooper is showing his support for the under-fire star.

“The level of hatred people have toward Anne Hathaway — I had no idea,” he said Thursday on his CBS daytime talk show, Anderson Live. “She seems like a perfectly lovely person. I don’t understand. I think she’s incredibly talented [and] she seems like a lovely person.”

“I have no dog in this hunt. I don’t know Anne Hathaway,” he added. “It just seems so unfair to me.”

Not only did Cooper stick up for Hathaway, but he also spoke out against her haters.

“People have all these judgements about her, but they don’t know what she’s really like,” he said in defense of the 30-year-old star. “No one knows what anyone of these people are like in real life…. People form all these opinions of people based on nothing. You have no actual evidence.”

Cooper, who wasn’t even aware of the widespread Hathaway hate until he heard his Anderson Live team talking about it, even adamantly defended the actress’ Oscar acceptance speech on his show.

“I feel like I just woke up and everyone is hating her. It upset me because so many people on my staff were like, ‘Ugh, that speech she made at the Oscars,'” he said. “You know what a bad speech is? Everybody else’s speech…. She got up there, she made eye contact, she remembered all the people’s names without reading it.”

“That’s because it was rehearsed,” argued his episode co-host, CNN journalist Isha Sesay, who mocked Hathaway’s seemingly feigned shock in snagging Oscar gold.

“You don’t think [Jennifer Lawrence’s] fall was rehearsed?” Cooper retorted. “Please. If [Hathaway] hadn’t seem surprised, you all would all be like, ‘Oh, she wasn’t even surprised.’ I feel bad for her. There’s no winning for her. Give her a break.”

Though it doesn’t appear that the Hathahaters will be giving the actress a break anytime soon, Cooper made sure the star knows he’s on her side.

“Anne Hathaway, if you’re out there,” he added, “I’m sorry all these people are jerks. I think you’re lovely. I’m on team Hathaway.”

So where do you stand on Anne Hathaway? Love, hate or neutral? Tell us in the comments.

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