‘Jack The Giant Slayer’: What Do Critics Think Of Ewan McGregor’s Fairy-Tale Adventure?

Although no one at Celebuzz has yet seen Jack the Giant Slayer, we have to admit that we’re not altogether excited for it: despite the appealing presence of director Bryan Singer, not to mention its two handsome leads Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor, this update of the popular fairy tale seems too heavy on computer-generated trickery to captivate more than technophiles or, we suppose, folks with a fetish for really, tall, weird-looking people who live atop beanstalks.

Meanwhile, the critical community thus far seems fairy divided about the film, some lauding its inventive visuals while others condemn its tonal inconsistencies. Celebuzz has assembled a cross section of reviews from the critical community’s best and brightest, whose pluses and minuses thus far have added up to a 64 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out some choice quotes from reviews posted earlier this week:

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“The director, Bryan Singer, works more anonymously here than he did in the X-Men films. Jack the Giant Slayer feels like it could have been made by anyone… I kept wondering why the agelessly appealing McGregor was standing off to the sidelines. He has the snap, the valor, the film needs at its center.”

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Despite the light touch of Nicholas Hoult in the leading role, the movie isn’t much fun. By the time the giants have descended the beanstalk and laid siege to the king’s castle, and the boiling oil comes out with the flaming arrows and the flying flaming trees, it’s like: Enough already.”

Katey Rich, Cinemablend.com

“Director Bryan Singer can’t quite wrap his arms around this wily revisionist fairy tale. Only when those titular giants emerge, miraculous creations of motion-capture and imagination, do Jack the movie and Jack the person seem to find their purpose, spinning a children’s film with surprising violence and even more goofy humor, a fairly standard-issue fantasy with just enough sparks of wit that show someone cared enough to make it better.”

Devin Faraci, Badass Digest

Jack The Giant Slayer isn’t just tedious and stupid – which would be par for the course for this type of movie – it’s also a tonal nightmare, a constant collision between stupid kiddie elements like farting giants and grim n’ gritty teen elements like giants that bite people’s heads off at every given opportunity. It’s too brutal for the kids, it’s too silly for the teens. It’s a movie made exactly for no one, except maybe for 35 year old guys with neckbeards who are desperately clinging to their childhoods.”

Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

Jack the Giant Slayer isn’t bad in and of itself; it’s well made, attractively cast and has some lively as well as ghoulish moments. But a castle fit for a king to anyone who can find an original or singular element to this handsome reupholstering of the English folk tale, a version notable for its fine visual effects and vastly multiplied population of giants.”

How excited are you about seeing Jack the Giant Slayer? And how has your interest changed after reading quotes from these reviews? Let us know what you think of the movie in the comments below!

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