Michonne In Black And White

'TWD's' Lauren Cohan
The actress talks pros and cons of being a zombie killer.
In the spirit of AMC’s black and white re-airings of The Walking DeadCelebuzz has an exclusive photo of katana-wielding butt kicker, Michonne (Danai Gurira).

And, of course, that means we had to give you an inside look at Michonne — what we’ve seen on-screen and how she’s portrayed in the popular comic book series the show is based on.

Note: Possible spoilers depending on how closely AMC’s TWD follows the comic books.

1.) She has no problem breaking a sweat. Obviously. This girl does sit-ups during her spare time, can defend herself after taking a bullet to the thigh and is more than comfortable fighting zombies by herself. If the show’s character mirrors the comic books, we’ll learn that she’s always been active. Pre-apocalypse Michonne’s hobbies include weightlifting and being a football superfan.

2.) Michonne is seriously suspicious. Has she ever trusted anyone on the show? Michonne was initially suspicious of the Governor (David Morissey) — and we’ll give her that one, duh. But even though she is working with the group at the prison, she doesn’t seem to be trusting of them either. It turns out that the comic book’s Michonne studied law and was working as a successful attorney before the zombie takeover. Her previous career could possibly play an important role in deciding who she trusts on the show.

3.) We’ve seen her be extremely protective and caring towards Andrea. Before the whole Woodbury vs. Prison war, we saw Michonne going on medicine runs to cure a sick Andrea. And since then, she has been very protective of Andrea. This caring side of Michonne seems a little out of character on the show, but in the comics it is revealed that she has lost a lot before meeting Rick and his team. Prior to the apocalypse, Michonne was married with two daughters. And after divorcing her husband, she began seeing a man named Mike. In the comics, it is assumed that she lost her children to the zombies just like she lost Mike — all in addition to losing two sisters and a brother.

4.) She has secrets.Very little is known about Michonne’s past. While we’re learning who she is as a person, we don’t know what has made her that person. The remaining episodes could reveal some of her secrets and whether the writers are using the comic books to shape the show. We’re looking forward to her previous life playing a bigger part on the show.

5.) Michonne is a loose cannon. It doesn’t take very much to set her off. Those around her have learned to walk on eggshells with Michonne because she could go off at any time. She has gone on renegade missions like discovering that the Governor kept his zombie daughter alive in a closet and leaving Woodbury to find the prison. We’ll be waiting to see if she breaks away from the group again and if they decide to take her back.

Keep an eye out for any possible hints at Michonne’s foggy past life as AMC re-airs episodes of The Walking Dead in black and white on Thursdays at 8PM.

See the full size image of Michonne in black and white by clicking here.

What parts of the comic book version of Michonne do you want to surface on the AMC series?

Watch a quick replay of last week’s episode below.

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