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Celebrity Meme Roundup
What was funny on the internet last week?
See 21 GIFs that prove how awesome Jennifer Lawrence is.
The Academeme Awards
See our favorite Oscars-inspired memes.
Important things happened this week: Kanye West made a surprise announcemnt; Lindsay Lohan’s probably headed off to rehab; and Harry Styles’ man-parts had an unfortunate encounter with a stray shoe. But, aside from that last one, did any of it make you chuckle?

Celebuzz scoured the web to collect some of these funniest pop culture macros and videos the week had to offer.

Once you’ve perused our entire collection below, please leave a link to your favorite celebrity memes in the comments. We will share some of the best submissions in next week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup post.

See our favorite funny things after the jump.

We don’t think this looks like a great movie, only because we aren’t big fans of films based in reality:

With a little detective work (and GIF magic), we solved the mystery of Harry Styles’ Groin vs. The Flying Shoe:

Can you believe that Lena Dunham was not cast as the lead in Zero Dark Thirty?

In his younger years, Quentin Tarantino was a successful meme:

MIND BLOWN: Are Anna Kendrick and Adam Scott the same person?

Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” gets the “screaming goat” treatment:

Oh, and remember how utterly “shocking” it was when MTV and BET hacked their own Twitter accounts?

We’re reminded that, any way you cut it, Tom Hardy is a handsome dude:

Though we’re not big on sequels, this one looks pretty good:

What do you think? Is this a more accurate title for Girls?

Lastly, here are a few Oscars-inspired memes leftover from our earlier Meme Roundup

… because we just can’t get enough of Jennifer Lawrence.

Seriously, we love everything about her!

But we’ve definitely had enough of Anne Hathaway.

We’re not sick of novelty Twitter accounts, though:

And one last LOL, just because:

That’s all we have for you this week. Remember to leave links to your favorite memes, videos, and gifs in the comments so that we may feature them in the future.

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