Cyndi Lauper On That Kelly Clarkson/Clive Davis Feud: Just Let Her Show Her True Colors

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Kelly Clarkson has something in common with pop legend Cyndi Lauper other than a super-human set of pipes: both have smacked down record company execs in an effort to record their self-penned songs.

“I have fought for that for a long time,” Lauper told Celebuzz Thursday at the open house for Kinky Boots, the upcoming Broadway show for which she wrote the music. “I fought for that on my first album.”

Clarkson made headlines last month with what was basically our favorite feud of 2013 so far (here’s hoping there are plenty more): when record mogul Clive Davis’ new memoir said she refused to sing one of her biggest hits and was a big crybaby to boot, Clarkson cried foul. No, she shouted foul.

“I refuse to be bullied, and I just have to clear up his memory lapses and misinformation for myself and for my fans,” Clarkson wrote in an open letter.

After taking more than a few swipes (and many of them were really awesome) at her former boss, Clarkson ended with, “I love my fans. I love my label and all of my professional relationships… now. And I am grateful for Clive for teaching me to know the difference.”

Yeah, our mouths are still on the floor too.


But despite Davis’ illustrious career – he helmed the careers of Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick and many more — he never made sweet music with Lauper. Perhaps because girlfriend knew better.

“Clive would never really work with me because we…” Lauper began, before apparently deciding that some things are better left unsaid. She finished, simply with, “It would never happen.”

*Finger snap*

That doesn’t mean Lauper didn’t feel Clarkson’s pain. “My heart went out to her,” she said.

So what advice would the seasoned pro – she has a handful of now-classic hits, tons of industry respect, plus that brand-new musical — give to 30-year-old Clarkson?

“Me?” Lauper shrieked in her famously New Yawk accent. “She knows what she’s doing — she don’t need my advice.”



Clarkson isn’t the only diva on Lauper’s mind: the girl who just wants to have fun also revealed that she’d be up for a duet with Lady Gaga.

“Sure, why not?” she said when asked if she’d hit the recording studio with Mother Monster. “I love other artists.  I think that she’s pretty great. She also has a very strong pop sensibility.”

Lauper’s Kinky Boots — about a young man who tries to save his family’s shoe factory by catering to drag queens – officially opens at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on April 4. Preview performances begin on March 3.

For our full interview with Cyndi, watch the video above. Then tell us: Do you want to hear Ms. Lauper duet with Lady Gaga? And what do you think of Kelly’s battle with Clive?


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