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The week began in a big way: the  Oscars happened, Jennifer Lawrence fell, Anne Hathaway annoyed some people — and Seth MacFarlane annoyed an even larger number of people.

While most of you were busy chatting away about awards show drama, others had a lot to say about Kimye’s steamy L’Officiel Hommes cover. And one sassy reader thinks we need to brush up on our vocabulary.

We want to share a few of our favorite reader comments submitted during the last week. It’s our way of thanking you for all of your insightful, hilarious contributions to Celebuzz.

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Read our favorite comments after the jump.

Here are some of our favorite reader comments of the week:

“I agree with Anderson. Don’t cast stones. Give her a break. Leave her alone.” – Team Hathaway comes to Anne Hathaway’s defense.

“Wow what a loser group. This has to be the last year of the show. And why is Joan Collins doing this show? Oh sorry meant Lisa Vanarplimp. And Andy Dick? What a pair, two drunks! Perfect! Hahahaha!” – Plastic Scene, who isn’t loving the new Dancing With the Stars lineup.

“So sexy, I love this cover.” – gina, who gives Kimye’s L’Officiel Hommes cover her seal of approval.

“I thought Kanye wanted to stay out of the publicity with Kim! HHMM I guess Mama Chris is doing her thing!!” – Nancy Bailey-Santoniello, who perhaps doesn’t love the cover as much as gina.

“Jennifer’s interview with George Stephanopoulos that Jack Nicholson bombed was hilarious! “OMG”, laughs. “Is he still here? OMG!”” – clearperspective, who, like us, loved Jennifer Lawrence’s post-Oscars interviews.

“My intent was never to be the “better music fan.” I’m pretty comfortable in my music tastes where I can appreciate more than one singer, let alone more than one female singer. My original comment to Chris was meant be along the lines of your comment, “just appreciate the entertainment both of them provide us,” and not just them, but anyone who entertains. That’s why I don’t buy into silly titles like “Queen,” no matter how signfiicant “society” or other people think they are. Thanks at least for being the sole voice of reason on this whole board.” – KC, bringing some common sense to the still-raging Queen of Pop debate.

“You guys don’t know what “iconic” or “of all time” means, do you?” – Jane, who I think just offered to buy us a dictionary?

That’s all for this week, folks. If you would to be featured next week, all you need to do is leave comments on your favorite Celebuzz articles.

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