Watch: Bravo’s ‘Kathy’ Shows Off Her ‘Maury’ Walk

Griffin made a dance remix of the theme song from her Bravo talk show.
On Thursday, Kathy Griffin brought Carmen Electra, Johnny Weir and Margaret Cho together on her late night Bravo talk show, Kathy.

At one point, Griffin asked her guests to show how they would walk onto the set of Maury, a daytime talk show known for its dramatic topics.

The 52-year-old host demonstrated what she meant by brushing off her shoulders and repeating, “My swag is clean.”

The three guests joined in on the gag. Cho showed off her best gangster lean, Weir was full of “I told you so” attitude as the “baby daddy” and Electra played the “bad slut.”

Watch the video above.

Kathy airs live on Thursdays at 11:30PM on Bravo.

So, who has the best Maury walk?

Below, watch Weir talk about his ongoing feud with Bethenny Frankel.

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