Adrienne Maloof Fired From 'RHOBH' (UPDATED)

Bravo hasn't asked the entrepreneur back for Season 4 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Another one bites the dust.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Adrienne Maloof Leaving Show
Camille Exits 'RHOBH'
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer Adrienne Maloof
Grammer won't be back for Season 4. Read More »

A day after Celebuzz confirmed that Camille Grammer won’t be returning to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a source close to the production tell us it's a wrap for Adrienne Maloof, as well.

Following Maloof’s absence from Friday's reunion taping and Grammer's exit from the series, our source tells us that Bravo has not invited Maloof back for Season 4.

Maloof's spokesperson and a Bravo rep declined to comment.

While our source says that Bravo effectively fired the housewife, E!Online’s sources tell the site that Maloof and Bravo mutually agreed on her departure from the series.

As we previously reported, sources say Maloof – a castmember since the series’ inaugural season – didn’t attend the reunion due to worries that she’ll be forced to speak on subjects that are off-limits as part of her divorce to plastic surgeon Paul Nassif.

E!’s sources also say that Maloof feared that costar Brandi Glanville wouldn’t be able to avoid speaking about her family and children during the reunion – both of which are supposed to be off the table in her Bravo and divorce agreements.

This season, Maloof found herself at odds with Glanville after the former model revealed a family secret on-camera. Though Bravo edited the statement out of the aired episode, reports spread that Glanville revealed that Maloof had her children via surrogacy.

While Maloof and Nassif seem to be quite a united pair this season so far, Bravo has teased that their divorce will be an upcoming storyline on the show.

Update 3/4/13 4:51 PM PT: Maloof confirmed her departure on Twitter. "To my loyal fans… It was time to exit RHOBH," she writes. "The show served as a wonderful platform for all the amazing projects that I have in the works. I am forever grateful to my fans, thank you for your support, and stay tuned!"

Do you think Bravo made the right decision by letting go of Adrienne?

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  • Quique

    ,,,Did Brandi have a cheek implant? They look larger than before...she doesn't need any work done to her face

  • Quique

    I rather Camille than Marissa. Marissa should have been in the Olympics when confronted she back paddles better than anyone....they're blaming each other on leaking info to the press I always believed it was Faye. ...Brandi is a great weekend party girl be she could never be a true friend. If, Adrienne was telling everyone she birth those babies , her pregnancy and labor pains i might can justify Brandy busting her out, but she didn't so Brandy was wrong in disclosing that info because no one really cared.....I thought the family were gansters or something

  • Peggy P.
    Peggy P.

    I think the network and the shows reps made the best decision on both Camille and mostly Adrienne. Honestly, who cares if someone had babies by surrogacy or otherwise. As for blowing this so out of proportion really makes one think what else would someone hide just for a position to gain 5 minute fame or fortune from the network or the networks show. I look at all of these women and honestly think, REAL people do not live the ways these people portray. Where is the REAL in the housewives in the real world with so many struggles?

  • gin


  • gin

    she so fake

  • I hate fur wearing bitches
    I hate fur wearing bitches

    I didn't see the big deal either. Then again Adrienne is an uppity (beep!)

  • I hate fur wearing bitches
    I hate fur wearing bitches

    Kim and kyle are so boring. Every time they come on I lose interest. And why is Faye a reoccurring person on RHOBH?? She is the ugliest thing to look at. I feel like she is a he and had a sex change. Please! For my eyes sake keep Faye off the show. I like Yolanda. She gets respect and calls out all the dumb shit these women do and say. Adrienne is experiencing Karma right now. So be it... Pay back is a bitch! And Brandi...she gets dumped on. She can start a little trouble but doesn't annoy my like the others. She's a bit bitter but who can blame her!

  • Moxie

    Adrienne is finally gone!! Yay!! Now it's time to rid the show of the whiney,calculating sisters. Time to clean house!

  • Karen Strobel Sabo
    Karen Strobel Sabo

    Thank you Bravo - Camille is not nice so glad to see her go, Now the Maloof Hoof is out the door if you could loose the evil KK isters you might have a show I would watch. Please Please get rid of Kim and Kyle such a couple of has beens who never had! Bring us more Yolanda Lisa and Marisa please!

  • sensible woman
    sensible woman

    i agree with u amy. why all the hush hush...

  • amy

    I don't see what the big deal of her secret was. On the show Camille talked about not having given birth to her children.

  • Teale

    I could not stand wife or husband. And obviously they couldn't stand each other either.

  • patti

    I will miss Paul but not his wife or very odd chef.

  • Jethro Nededog
    Jethro Nededog

    Thanks, Sadie. I did mention that whatever the secret was it was edited out of the show.

  • SadiesQ

    At the Morrocan restaurant Kyle said it isn't about the surrogacy. Whatever Brandi said was cut from the show