Johnny Depp Creates Big Buzz In Small Town USA (PHOTOS)

Who was serenaded by the superstar?

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When Johnny Depp comes to a town of less than 2,000, people are sure to take notice.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star spent last week in Carnation, Wash., where he's been filming an upcoming project Lucky Them with Toni Colette and Thomas Hayden Church -- and causing quite a buzz.

The 49-year-old was spotted in the town's center on Bird Street where he greeted fans, and by the looks of it, even serenaded a few lucky locals with his guitar playing skills -- and Celebuzz has the photo proof.

Eyewitnesses at the Linnerooth Team Realtors saw Depp filming re-shoots for the flick, which is slated for a 2014 release, and posed for photos with the actor.

Depp reportedly flew in the night prior and stayed at the Salish Lodge & Spa in the small nearby town of Snoqualmie.

According to its Facebook (which has since been taken down):

"Salish had a celebrity sighting earlier this week. Johnny Depp dined with us and in case you were wondering, he had our beet salad and tenderloin."

Although Depp has made a scene, producers want the neighbors to keep his presence on the DL.

"The movie producers have asked people in town to take down their photos and tweets and locals have been urged to stay mum on the celebrity sighting," according to a local who wished to remain anonymous.

Depp is currently back in Los Angeles, but the photos look like he fit right in during his Washington work trip.

What would you do if you were ever serenaded by Johnny Depp? Tell us, below.



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  • rachel

    It would be a dream come true for me too..he is so cute and a good people..the best guy in Hollywood! I know he looks unkempt here..but he is a hot guy! You can give us a best look Johnny ..come on baby!!

  • PAW48

    First i would pass out. I would not tell a soul because i would be keeping him all to myself. I see him every night in my dreams. Wishing he were here in West Virginia and that i knew about it. No such luck though, nothing good ever happens in West Virginia.

  • Fifiram

    It would be a dream come true. He stole my heart with Captain Jack Sparrow.....crazy at my age lol. Would love to meet and chat with Johnny Depp before I leave this world and to be serenaded would be the icing to complete the cake

  • Sharon Athey
    Sharon Athey

    It Would be the best thing that every happen it my life that was wonderful. I hope some day . I get to meet Johnny Depp and get an Autograph and Picture. But this would be much better.

  • Meh

    Apparently, it was a secret cameo appearance