6 Things To Expect From ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’

Omarosa Talks 'Apprentice'
Which star would stab you in the front?
Hold onto your office chairs people, NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice is back – and this time around some familiar faces are getting ready to do battle in the boardroom.

While “all-star” editions of reality TV competitions can be a bit of a mixed bag – there’s always a little less magic when folks know what’s coming – All-Star Celebrity Apprentice compensates with some serious star power, a liberal dose of the crazy (Busey, Rodman and LaToya?  Count us in.) and the return of some of our favorite competitors.

As usual, the famous and the infamous from around the entertainment spectrum have come to bow before The Trump in pursuit of big dollars for their chosen charities, including Stephen Baldwin, Lil Jon, former winner Bret Michaels and Lisa Rinna.

Here’s a look at some things you can expect from this bigger-than-ever season of the long-running series.

1. Former Winner Bret Michaels Looks a Little “Off.” Not sure if it’s his low blood sugar, or that he drank too many “Limited Edition” (this stuff is still in stores two-plus years after the challenge) Celebrity Apprentice Snapple iced teas, but there’s something about Bret Michaels that looks like his heart might not be in it this go-round.

2. Omarosa is Now Just Engaging in Performance Art. Because, no person could actually be like this right? Piers Anthony makes an appearance or three in the premiere obviously in an effort to bring her out of her shell. Um, dude not necessary.

3. Dennis Rodman is Lucid or Something! The last time we saw Dennis Rodman, he was getting a lecture from Jesse James about how to live a straight-edge life. (How’d that work out for you Jesse?)  Rodman left his season a bleary-eyed recepient of Clint Black pity, but now he appears to be much more sober – yet still charming and entertaining in a “I shouldn’t like this guy but I do” kind of way.

4. It’s All About The Money. One of the trends we’ve noticed over the past few seasons of Celebrity Apprentice is that stars now get voted off not because they’re bringing in the least amount of money on a given challenge. While this makes sense in a literal way, in tends to dial down the strategy and boardroom machinations just a bit. Let’s hope this trend does not continue beyond episode one.

5. Gary Busey is Still Reality TV Gold. Here’s hoping that Gary sticks around for most of the season – there’s just nobody like him in the celebrity world.  While other famous faces may feel the need to play a role in the show (the smart one, the dumb one, the scary one) Gary just dances to the beat of his own Zen-Buddhist-Malibu-Beach drummer. And we love him for it.

6. Special Guest Stars in the Boardroom. The premiere episode features Ivana, Donald and…Piers Anthony in the boardroom?  Where’s Don Jr.? It’s taken several seasons, but the family scion had actually become one of our favorite members of the Trump clan. The Young Donald actually has a personality of sorts, and seeing him bumped out of his cushy seat of power for a celeb judge of the week leaves us concerned. Here’s hoping he switches off with his sister at The Donald’s left hand.

Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars airs Sundays at 9PM on NBC.

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