Bada Bling! Check Out Ramona Rizzo’s Engagement Ring (EXCLUSIVE PHOTO)

It may not be the biggest ring ever worn by a wise gal, but for newly-engaged Ramona Rizzo it’s certainly the most special.

The stunning 7-carat diamond set in 18-kt white gold with micro-pave style setting by New York jewelers Rafaello & Company was a surprise from the Mob Wives star’s fiancé Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani, and Celebuzz has an exclusive photo of the big bauble.

“I love my engagement ring. It may not be as big as my first one, which was 8 carats, but I believe I am with the right guy and that I’m a lucky lady,” Rizzo told Celebuzz exclusively after she debuted the sparkler on last night’s episode of Mob Wives.

But there’s just one hitch to getting hitched. Rizzo’s future husband is behind bars.

Sclafani is currently awaiting sentencing at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center after he was implicated in a cocaine trafficking scheme.

Yet this ganster gal is saying, “forget about it!”

Despite the fact that he could face a decade behind bars, Rizzo is still planning to wed her jailbird sweetheart and is enjoying her off- the-market status.

The happy couple, who have known each other for years, secretly got engaged after he asked her to marry him while the couple were fooling around in her kitchen, she revealed.

Sclafani then picked out the ring perfect for his bride-to-be, but because he’s serving time he couldn’t actually get down on one knee in person.

“We were at home in my kitchen and I was jokingly telling him to leave me alone when he asked out of the blue ‘will you marry me?’” Rizzo said. “I thought about it for a second and I replied ‘definitely, yes!’

“Somebody else actually gave me the ring, but that was fine. We have known each other for such a long time and the romance was always there. It was something we just couldn’t fight any longer.

“For me, the clincher was the fact that he is so great with my kids,” she added. “I even take them with me when I go on my weekly prison visits because they miss Joseph too.”

Tough-as-nails Rizzo admits that it’s hard having a relationship with her incarcerated fiance — and made even more difficult because there are no conjugal visits allowed at his facility.

However, the other inmates’ families have been very supportive and the reality star has even used her celebrity status to win them over.

“I always get recognized and I’m happy to pose for photographs outside or sign autographs for people. They shout at me ‘You’re one of us!’ which is totally true,” she said. “All the other Mob Wives have been really supportive of my situation and engagement and I get along with them — all apart from Carla [Facciolo] right now.”

The two women have been at constant on camera odds after Facciolo branded co-star Renee Graziano, who went to rehab last October, a ‘junkie’ in a Twitter blast that Rizzo feels was totally inappropriate.

The mother of four, who was previously married to a Jordanian man before divorcing him in 2008, admits that she didn’t think that she would walk down the aisle for a second time.

And according to the 35-year-old, it doesn’t matter if her wedding is captured on Mob Wives or not, just as long as both she and her guy are together.

“Look, the truth is that we are not getting married for the cameras and if we have to do it on Mars, then we will. I don’t care what other people think. I’m just living my life and looking after my kids. The truth is I’m happy right now despite Joseph being in jail.”

How do you picture Ramona Rizzo’s jailhouse wedding and do you think their love will last? Leave your comments, below.

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