Wilde to Bieber: 'Put Your F***ing Shirt On'

Actress Olivia Wilde slams Justin Bieber's shirtless birthday stroll in London.

Justin Bieber can't get a break.

Just as the popstar was having what he dubbed his "worst birthday," he was also receiving backlash for parading his bare chest around London while celebrating his 1-9.

Actress Olivia Wilde, 28, took to Twitter to call out the "Beauty and a Beat" singer on Friday, writing:

"Bieber, put your f***ing shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)"

Of course, the Incredible Burt Wonderstone star also received backlash of her own after posting the message. Beliebers from all over the globe fired back at Wilde, tweeting photos of the actress' famous scantily-clad GQ spread and telling her she should follow her own advice.

Biebs had quite the tough weekend when he was criticized for bringing underage pals Jaden Smith, 14, and rumored new gal pal Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, 17, to a nightclub -- though the teenage heartthrob later said it wasn't the case.

According to Bieber's BFF Alfredo Flores, the paparazzi were the ones who put a damper on the festivities.

“I mean . . . I have no words. Paparrazi are disgusting. Wont even allow a 19 year old enjoy his birthday. Hurting fans? Makes no sense #ashame,” he wrote on Twitter Friday.

Likewise, Bieber also took his frustrations to his Twitter account. He tweeted Sunday night: Who's side are you on: Team Bieber or Team Wilde? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ericaaiwal

    Let him do what he wants to do damn leave him the fuck alone some damn time smdh its his damn party he can do anything he wants to do.

  • SteveC

    Thank You, Olivia Wilde, for finally standing up to that un-Belieb-able [now how's THAT for word coinage?] twat.. My respect for you has always been real high. It now only has gone ever higher. PS I enjoy you in anything from "The Words" to "People Like Us". PS In short, in case you haven't guessed..Team Olivia all the way!

  • jim

    elvis joined the army why cant you join the marine corp they will let you be a man if u can doubt if u can

  • dan

    Wow those must be 11-12" biceps.

  • Natalie Pearson
    Natalie Pearson

    Greedy mother effers...leave him alone, quit trying to squeeze every last dime out of him...what a shame!!!!

  • tigersmom

    Pull your pants up for Gods sake! Unless of course you are practicing for prison, after all, that's how gay prisoners let other prisoners know they are up for "receiving".

  • Gabrielle Chung
    Gabrielle Chung

    Hahahaha, I didn't event think about the temperatures in London. Hopefully it wasn't too chilly!

  • jenna

    um i think you will find that it was freezing the night that idiot was wandering around london shirtless. He must have been sooooo drunk or just a pr**k i go for the second option. one day he will look back on all thoses bad outfits and half naked shots and think wtf. By then he will have saggy man boobs and a massive drug habbit. i will just sit back and say "I told you so"

  • Troy

    Team Wilde! If Beliebers want to accuse Wilde for wearing bikini in a magazine photoshoot, then they will have to accuse, I don't know, almost all female celebrities. I've had it with these screaming carzy little fans with a fragile heart.

  • lee

    i love justin bieber, but serious wtf put ur shirt back on>>>.not hating just saying u look like a douche without ur shirt on..i knw u can do better

  • Tina

    Are you serious? Even mosquitos has bigger "ta-tas" than Justin Bieber! Team Olivia on this one. He looks like a douche!

  • GoinWilde4Olivia

    Wilde's just jealous because he's got bigger ta-tas than she does.

  • Luciana

    I´m team Olivia in this one, I think what she meant was: stop trying too hard to look grown up. that´s not gonna make Selena Gomez to date you again...

  • Luciana

    I´m team Olivia in this one, I think what she meant was: stop trying too hard to look grown up. that´s not gonna make Selena Gomez to date you again...

  • Master of the Oblivious
    Master of the Oblivious

    Someone in wienerboy's circle (jerk) needs to tell him, the lower the sag-the lower the IQ. Ghetto bait.